Aasanas for Healthy Living

1. Shankatasana - Chair Pose


Stand with feet apart. Extend the arms in front of the body.

Begin the pose by bending the ankles knees and hips to a half-seated position.

Keep the back of the body upright with a lifted chest.

Legs remain parallel to each other.


Flexibility to the joints.

Strengthens the quadriceps muscles.

2. Uttaanaasana: Standing forward bend.


Stand up straight with feet apart at comfortable distance. Keep the hands at relaxed position.

Bring the arms overhead and interlock the thumbs.

Keep the back straight and bend forward. Stretch out and bring the head close to the legs.

Relax the back. Keep the knees straight. Wrap the index finger around the big toes. 

Breathe normally.

Hold for 20 seconds.


It gives relaxes the heart, and the organs of the head are greatly benefited as the amount of blood supplied to head and heart in an inverted position is higher.


Adios Sardar of Spin

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