Agni Nakshatram - The Month of Agni Start

Agni Nakshatram - Tamil Chaitra Month 21st to 14th of Vaikasi month every Year

The effect of the sun is severe from the 21st of chittirai month to the 14th of vaikasi month. It is called the Agni Nakshatram.

What is meant by Agni Nakshatram?

None of the 27 stars from Aswini has been named the Agni star. However, in the month of Chittirai, the time when the sun enters the 3rd leg of Parani is called the Agni star period.

Explosions occur due to heat in the fields harvested during this period. Through which the heat of the earth will escape. In those cracks, dry leaves and twigs will enter. The earth will be cooled by the wind that blows in late Vaikasi after the Agni star is over.

If it rains in turn, the cracks in the ground will be closed. This is called 'Karba Ottam'. In this way the field naturally gets good manure and the field becomes fertile for the next plantation.

Normally, the Sun would orbit the Earth for the first four months of its orbit. This way is called the first alternative. It is also known as the “Airaavadha veedhi”. Karthika star has the power of Agni star. Agni Devan is the goddess of the star Karthika. Astronomical texts say that the star Karthika created the fire resistance.

Let's see the legendary information about this Agni star? Kandava Forest is the name of the forest near the banks of the river Yamuna. Due to the presence of rare herbs in the forest, its aroma attracts visitors to the river. In the forest guarded by Indra, the lord of the rain. He made it rain from time to time to grow rare herbs in this forest. (Indra is also known as 'Kandavavanan'.)

Kannan, Arjuna and their companions bathed in the river Yamuna amidst the pleasant aroma of nature and the fragrance of herbs. Then, as they were leaving, a stranger appeared. He looked at Kannan and Arjuna and said, "You look kind. I'm very hungry. Only you can help my hunger. There is medicine in this forest to cure my hunger. I need you to help me get into this forest. ”

While the man's speech was doubtful, Kannan stared at the man." O God of Fire! Why this divine game? You can ask us directly for food for your hunger?” As Kannan asked, God Agni revealed his true identity.

"Oh giver of all! There is nothing you do not know. Sage Durvasa performed a yajna for hundreds of years for the king Swadeshi. As a result of the yajna, I became prone to excessive ghee intake. So the recession hit me. The forest is rich in herbs that can cure the disease. I can be cured by consuming the herbs, ”he said.

"Why do you seek our favor for that?" Said Archunan.

"" Whenever I try to enter this forest, Indra orders rain clouds, puts out my fiery tongues and stops my attempt. "

Kannan looked at Arjuna and smiled. Understanding the meaning of Kannan's laughter, Archunan said, "" God of Agni, we help you. But one condition. We would need bows and arrows to help you. Because we just came here for a swim.” Immediately, the powerful Kandeepa bowed for Arjuna. Agni Bhagavan gave everything that was needed like arrows and amber.

Then Kannan said, "Agni Deva, you can enter this forest without any problem for only 21 days to come. At that time we will take care of Indra and his rain.”

Agni entered the forest and started burning the forest. Seeing this, Indra ordered the cloud to rain. As Kannan wished, Arjuna contained all the rain from entering the forest using rain. Agni also fast for the first seven days entered the herbal area in the forest and sacrificed his appetite. For the next seven days he ate the rare trees around him. The next seven days were moderate and he finally said goodbye to Kannan and Arjuna and left.Legend has it that the days of Agni star burning the Kandava forest were the days of Agni star.

Shastra tells us what and what not to do during Agni Nakshatra.

Plant and vine trees should not be cut down these days; Fiber should not be peeled; the seed should not be sown; Well, ponds, gardens should not be set up; Maintenance of land and houses should not be done; Do not travel long distances in vehicles.

Going to temples these days and doing anointing worships to the Lord and Goddess will bring good results. Donations can be made; One can set up a water tank and provide water whey;

can give tender coconut to patients; can provide shoes and umbrellas for the physically challenged; can give curd rice to the poor and simple; can provide hand fans to the poor;

Giving water and drinking the same will also give good results. Happiness will come in the life by consecrating Paranikuri Durga and Rohini Brahma.

In order not to affect our health during the Agni star period, we can put the sun-drenched macula on the prayer table in the morning and recite the Sun Gayatri mantra 21 times.

Surya Gayatri

“Om Aswat Vajaya Vidmahe

Pasa Hasthaya Dimahi

Danto Surya Prasodayat. '