All about a Temple - A Profound Exploration of Sacred Spaces

Title: "All about a Temple"

Author: G.B. Deglurkar

Translated by: Shefali Vaidhya

In the transcendent pages of "All about a Temple" by G.B. Deglurkar, meticulously translated into English by Shefali Vaidhya, readers embark on an extraordinary journey into the heart of Hindu temple architecture, rituals, and spirituality.

The book commences setting the stage for this captivating expedition. It prompts readers to contemplate the intrinsic significance of temples in human life, raising questions about their existence and purpose. In this eloquent introduction, Deglurkar offers a glimpse of the profound role these sacred spaces have played throughout history.

Author provides valuable insights into his passion for unraveling the mysteries of temples. Deglurkar emphasizes the importance of understanding these architectural marvels in their entirety, lamenting the hurried visits of modern-day devotees. He articulates the need for appreciating the artistry, symbolism, and philosophy woven into every facet of temple construction.

As the journey unfolds, the book navigates through the intricate realm of temple architecture and rituals. It sheds light on the science of directional orientation, where temples are meticulously aligned with the directions The chapters dedicated to elements like "Pitha," "Vedibandha," "Mandovara," "Gavākṣa," and "Surasundari" unveil the exquisite craftsmanship and profound symbolism embedded in each aspect.

The significance of the Garbhagrha, the inner sanctum of a temple, is explored with reverence. Readers gain an understanding of its architectural features, including the symbolism of the doorway and the profound meaning behind the representation of the Ganga and Yamuna on the Dwaraśākhā. The book also delves into the structure and the spiritual importance of the Praṇāla.

Moving beyond the inner sanctum, the book unravels the mysteries of the antechamber (Antarala) and the hall (Mandapa). It unveils the intricacies of the temple's ceiling, the symbolism of the Makara Torana, and the spiritual significance of pillars and Rangasila. Reading the book is akin to embarking on a guided tour through the sacred halls of a temple, where readers not only explore the physical architecture but also delve into the spiritual depths, gaining a deeper understanding of both the temple and themselves.

The diverse temple styles, from Nagara to Dravida, Vesara to Pharisana, and Bhumija, showcase the rich architectural heritage of India. Each style carries its unique characteristics, reflecting the diversity and artistic mastery of temple builders throughout history.

The book further explores the iconographic clues that adorn temples, offering insights into their spiritual significance. It transcends architectural discussions to delve into the profound spirituality that temples represent, illuminating how these sacred spaces provide a pathway to divine communion.

Moreover, "All about a Temple" underscores the broader role of temples as socio-cultural institutions. Beyond their spiritual significance, temples have played pivotal roles in shaping Indian society and culture, a testament to their enduring influence. In the modern era, temple construction continues to thrive. This aspect is explored, highlighting the relevance of temples in contemporary times. The iconic temple tower, the gopuram, is examined for its artistic and spiritual significance, demonstrating how these structures remain integral to the temple experience.

The book culminates with a list of must-visit temples in India, including the awe-inspiring Sun Temple at Konark, the monumental Brihadiswara Temple in Tanjore, the intricate Lakshmana Temple at Khajuraho, the serene Mahalakshmi Temple in Doddagaddavali, and the majestic Kailasa Temple at Verul.

In conclusion, this book is not merely a guide but a spiritual pilgrimage into the soul of Hindu temples. G.B. Deglurkar's expertise, conveyed through the skilled translation of Shefali Vaidhya, offers readers an opportunity to uncover the intricate details, profound wisdom, and timeless spirituality that reside within these sacred spaces. Prepare to be enlightened, inspired, and profoundly moved by the depth of knowledge presented in "All about a Temple."

Note : The book will also be launched in Coimbatore at the second edition of the Western Ghats Lit Fest later this month on the 28th and 29th of October. Interested readers may get their copies signed by Smt. Shefali Vaidya herself during the Lit Fest. Books will be available for sale.

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