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Episode - 1

         The Sun shone in the east, pierced the crystal-clear waters of Mainavathi, deep down unveiling its substratum. But the brightness of the sun did not determine the heat in Mainapur. It was a city embraced by the hills, purged by the waterfalls, attracted huge variety of birds, geologically considered to be the best part on earth for human populace. On a mid-day, when all were at work, Mainavathi sang her melodies which could be heard from any part of the city.

         “Hey, wait! Don’t judge it to be a rustic place where only nomads lived”.

         Mainapur was a technological metropolis, where Artificial Intelligence comforted life and the harm caused to the nature was minimal. In fact, the place made the first real integrated living possible. There were trees that had micro-chipsets and sensors in-built which made them pump water automatically from the water source whenever the ground went dry. The sensors would alert the gardeners at any time when the system malfunctioned. The houses were all AI enabled which made feeding birds easier. When a bird sat on a roof-top, a trough which held water and bird-snacks instantly opened to them.

         It was known to be the bowl of overflowing information. Information was the wealth there. All information was available at the touch of a finger and every work was done effortlessly. Everything was automated to a considerable extent. There was an airport and a harbor which made transportation to any part of the world accessible. But one would not leave the place easily because everything was available in abundance.  The metro-city had high speed trains and well-equipped buses which connected all the parts of the city. They had advanced pupil recognition and biometrics enabled security. E-tickets were sent to the mobile numbers by making the payment through a mobile shake. 


         The city had no power disruptions and the natural resources were harnessed properly. There were windmills, hydropower plants, solar panels etc. which helped 24 x 7 supply of electricity. Cycles with GPS and voice guide enabled system was available on every street. These cycles accessed the personal details on touching the handlebar from cloud storage operated through quantum computers. The schools had the facility of both online and offline teaching which happened simultaneously with e-attendance. Students who wished to attend classes by sitting in a class were granted the option and others were able to watch the live sessions online. This did not make the people lackadaisical but gave them enough time to take care of their mind, body, and intellect.

         “But why all these?”

         Despite all these advancements, Mainapur experienced a unique climatic condition which made it pleasant all through the year. The mornings were bright and breezy. His automatic wakeU system failed as he no longer responded to its calls. “Hey, wake up Sudama! Its 5.30am aren’t you going for a jog?” asked his mother softly. In his half-asleep state, Sudama said, “Just five more minutes, mom. I’ll get up”. His bathroom door opened on recognizing his face. He stared at the mirror in his bathroom. Silence pervaded all around. But without further delay he made up his mind. 

         He was a 25-year old talented MBA graduate student. An energetic young chap, highly spirited and motivated. He graduated the previous year from a reputed college in Mainapur. He was currently on a look out for a job. His efforts to find a job sucked his energy, enslaved his spirit, and demotivated him. A youth of 25 without a job always suffers this mental derangement. He had heaps of thoughts that bewildered him. Usually his thoughts were, “What am I going to do? How am I going to help my parents? How long does it going to take? Can I start a business on my own? But who will fund me? Is it a good idea? What if I fail? Will someone help me?” 

         “Though the ways to live may lie in front of us, we may not recognize them. Training your mind equals training a dragon. Train the dragon to remain calm, then you see opportunities.”

         At the breakfast table, baffled by Sudama’s silence, his father questioned “How are you son? What’s your plan for today?” He said abruptly, “I’m going to meet Shreya and Atmika at The Boiler Café Hut, dad”. His father affectionately ran through his hair and left the place.

         Shreya did her master’s degree in Food and Nutrition in the same college where Sudama studied. She was a beautiful, charming, and a homely girl. A tender-hearted person who remained sensitive to all matters. They perhaps met by chance. She was also an emotionally inclined person like Sudama. He used to stand at her side by supporting her feelings. So, they made a good pair of friends. They had similar wavelengths with Atmika in some matters, who did her master’s in Visual Communication from the same college. Atmika was more a rational girl. She looked pretty and knew what is good for her friends and her. They enjoyed the college days immensely and visited the cafe hut near their college often.

         “Sweetness carved out leaving the fringes untouched make memories.”

         After their college days, they were only in contact over phone. This is the first time they are going to reunite after a year of separation and revisit the nostalgia @ The Boiler Café Hut, Mainapur.

         Stay tuned @ Annadha Food App to know what really happened.


Adios Sardar of Spin

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