Annadha Food App

Episode – II 

Sudhama preferred a bus travel to a bike because buses were well equipped with Artificial Intelligence systems. High speed internet streaming, touchOtickets, captivating natural sceneries, all made anyone go for bus. It took about 45 minutes to reach The Boiler Café. Sudhama used to go to the shop so often during his college days with Shreya and Atmika. He felt nostalgic and began to enjoy thinking about the reunion. 

“Hey, Shreya!  

How long have I to wait ... to sip a cuppa coffee?” 

Shreya pulled open the café door entering, spoke in the phone winking at Sudhama, 

“Will you not wait for us, bud?” 

Exchanging big laughs and hugs they got seated in their usual window side space. A second of silence, it did not last long, again burst a barrel of laughs for no reason like they used to. Tears began to roll in the duo out happiness though Atmika gulped it and restarted their conversation.  

“Don’t cry babies, what can I get for you both?” chuckled Atmika. 

Sudhama kiddingly replied, “Mamma, can you get us filter coffee, which we drank a year back?” 

Again, with a smile, controlling themselves not to burst into a roar, called for the server and ordered three filter coffees.  

This was the specialty of the place. AI had established itself in every café and hotel at Mainapur. It made the work simpler but human interaction minimal. In a way, it can be said to be an advantage but when in the earth has human heart denied love and affection offered by another heart? It showed that despite the fact of Mainapur being a tech-city, humans ever longed for interaction with a conscious being such as himself/herself. The Boiler Café remained unique and popular for the fact that it relied on human interaction and tradition. 

Everything that can be availed at The Boiler Café was made traditionally. The traditional copper boilers were used to prepare coffee, original tea powder extracted from organic tea leaves were used for preparing tea, one can buy healthy confectionaries like Groundnut Burfi-s, Coconut Burfi-s, Sesame Burfi-s, and others there.  

“It can be said that It is the place where the ancient meets the modern.” 

“Please ma’am, here’s your order!”, the waiter said to Atmika with a polite smile. 

“Thank you!” 

“So, what do you do, Sudha?” questioned Atmika  

Straightening his brows Sudhama replied, “I plan to give jobs to many and what do you?” 

“Hey, wait! Come again, I’m interested to know more on it,” replied Atmika excitedly. She knew from the college days that Sudhama was a tactical strategist and an executor of whatever he has planned, in a methodical way. Shreya was happier listening to the conversation of both her friends.  

“Well, I shall explain my idea, but I would like to know what’s with both of you,” said Sudhama respectfully. 

Atmika began annoyingly, “Its not great with me. I’m into a job so different from what I studied. Its more hectic than inspiring. I’ve ever dreamt of designing and creating artistic designs. That’s my passion, hobby, and my life, but in Mainapur things have changed a lot. Even though things have turned automatic and there are lot of merits, something is still missing in the story which I couldn’t find out.” 

Understanding her turn, Shreya took the chance to speak, “Guys, you know something, I enjoy my life. I do exercise. I cook different traditional and healthy recipes for my family. Not more than that. I’m also on a look out for a managing kind of work which I shall be able to do from home without compromising on my routine.” 

Sudhama without any delay proceeded, “Perfect! this is exactly what I’m looking for. I really understand both your situations. Even I tried to work with companies neither do I find them interesting. So, I’ve planned to come out with some innovative idea relating to food culture.” 

“Wow! I’m with you Sudha…” exclaimed Shreya. 

“Recently, I find our food culture becoming so monotonous. Wherever, to whatever hotels or restaurants you go, you will find the same set of usual foods. Of course, quality differs but what’s the use if our health is still declining? I agree it suits the officegoers but what if someone wants to try something different from the routine? For example, Shreya is an expert at culinary skills. She cooks different traditional foods at her home and what to do if I wanted to taste them?” 

Atmika and Shreya nodded each other with a smile, approving Sudhama’s idea.  

“We need to exploit technology! We must remember we created machines & technologies for our benefit.  

but before that let me explain my idea. The core concept is to break the monotonous modern food culture and reaching the traditional, homemade & healthy foods to people.” 

“I’m game, how are we going to proceed in this mechanical and machine-run market?” Atmika replied enthusiastically. 

Shreya opined, “As you initiated the point of exploiting technology,” pointing Sudhama “why don’t we create a Mainapur city food app which will give a platform for the home-food makers to sell their delicious make to all who need to relish their tongue?” 

“Shreya, you got the ‘Shrikhand’! Let’s create an identity, ‘Mainapur City Food App’ sounds good but let’s make it specific with a captivating name” said Sudhama raising the expectations. 

Atmika shouted out of joy in an instance, let’s call it 

                                                      “ANNADHA FOOD APP”                           

(to be continued…) 

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