Annadha Food App

Episode – III 

“A perfect fit, you hit the nail!” Sudhama replied with excitement. 

“We need to plan out things before we start executing, guys,” opined Shreya. 

“We get your point, Shreya,” answered the two in a chorus. 

“All right, how much time can both of you contribute for executing this work?” asked Sudhama  

“Sudha, we can be with you almost all the time!” answered Shreya affectionately. 

“That’s so sweet my dear.” 

“Yea, Sudha. Let’s proceed with the plan at the earliest,” said Atmika. 

After other random chit-chats, all the three decided to stay at Sudhama’s house that night for further planning. Sudhama and the two felt happy to have met that day. Suddenly, Shreya’s phone started to beep, 

“Alry…alry… will come soon.”  

Shreya said that she must leave immediately but assured Sudhama and Atmika to join for the night-stay. Atmika and Sudhama also decided to depart by bus to their places. 


Sudhama’s parents were happy to meet Atmika and Shreya after years of gap. During their college days they both were regular visitors. The three used to spend time together at Sudhama’s house, particularly Sudhama and Shreya used to dream and laugh, discussing about the random things that happened at their college on the day. But Atmika had a good sense of innovative power which Sudhama and Shreya adored and sometimes made fun of it as a part of the game. They also knew that she was quite wiser than were. But all these fun, mockery, and kidding, did not affect their relationship in any way. They had jovial conversations with Sudhama’s father and retired to his room. His mother was busy in the kitchen preparing healthy snacks and other savories for the three.  

In his room, Sudhama took the chair near his computer desk. Atmika and Shreya sat on his cot and opened their laptops. Sudhama had locked his computer and it unlocked on detecting his face with a gentle smile. 

“So where do we begin?” asked Atmika with all her focus on the task at hand. 

“First, we must be clear with our idea and then let us divide the work and start working. Our primary idea is to reach the delicious and traditional homemade food to all people in Mainapur through our Annadha Food App,” continued the strategist. 

“I shall rise few other questions and we shall answer it after thinking. 

One, how are we going to design and develop the app? 

Two, how are we going to let the homemakers know that there exists such an app and they can sell their palatables? 

Three, how are we going to advertise and attract customers to buy the food sold in our app? 

Four, how are we going to earn i.e., our income model? 

Five, how are we going to deliver it to them? 

Six, a main question, how are we going to invest for this startup? 

Let us think and jot down our points.” 

All the three started thinking deeply. Atmika began to jot down the points first, thought, and calculated it later. Shreya and Sudhama thought for few minutes and then began to write. 

After few minutes, Atmika and Shreya began discussing and giggling at some point.  

Sudhama asked, “Atmika and Shreya have you both got the answers?” 

“We both have got almost similar ideas. Let me answer it in the order you asked me,” answered Atmika rationally. Shreya looked composed with a radiant face which held a smile. 

“One, I have a friend who can create an app. Now a days it’s lot easier. Technology in Mainapur is so advanced. I can suggest him the designs.” 

“That’s a good idea. I know you are good at designs and you know my taste. Even I know a friend who has a rich technical experience. Hey, you both remember Shiv? The tall, slim, handsome guy who studied in Computer Technology department in our college, I still have his contact. He is now working in the Code Development and App Updater (CDAU) division of Mainasoft Techcity. We can talk to him.” 

“Yea, we remember him,” Shreya answered with a notorious smile and dashing Atmika in her shoulders, as only she knew that Shiv was Atmika’s secret love in college. 

“We can approach Shiv for his support Sudha, he will help us. 

Two, we need to make a database of contacts of homemakers in Mainapur. In fact, we can start by approaching all our relatives, neighbors, and acquaintances to sell their delicious preparations and through them we can make more contacts. We can share them a part of our profit and shall provide offers and interesting gifts to make them our permanent sellers. What do you, say?” 

“That’s the best idea, Atmika.” 

(Knocking sound at the door) 

“Wait, mie I’m coming” answered Sudhama. 

Atmika and Shreya began to smell the aroma of fresh savories which entered through the door before mother even stepped in. They were really excited, and their mouths started to water. 

(to be continued). 

T. R. Surya, Special Correspondent, The Verandah Club.

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