Annadha Food App - Episode 4

Sudhama opened the door and his mother brought in freshly made sweets and savories that were not only delicious but also cooked with love. All the things which Sudhama’s mother had prepared could not be availed anywhere in Mainapur because only she had the recipes of whatever she had prepared. They enjoyed the snacks first, thanking Sudhama’s mother for her kindness. After his mother had left the room Shreya hinted,

“Why don’t we take your mother as our first customer?”

“Can you be bit clearer?” said Sudhama.

After gulping the last bit of sweet that she had in her hand, she responded, “Yes, we can ask your mom to first make sweets and savories that are not available in the market in small quantities and trying selling them through our app and we can also expand our contact-base by asking her for more contacts such as her friends, who possess these kind of scrumptious recipes.”

“That’s a good idea!” Atmika smiled.

“Yea, Shreya! That’s indeed great. You remember, during our college times when you both come home, an aunty used to come here? She’s my mamma’s best friend and she’s excellent at experimenting and preparing new dishes,” pointed his hand towards a portrait, of his mother and her friend, hanging on the wall.

Atmika interrupted, “It looks as though our contact-base would pile up even today. But remember guys we need to start answering other questions and start executing our works right now.”

The strategist answered, “I have plenty of cloud space. So, I shall discuss with my mamma and start forming the contact-base and also try contacting Shiv to get the app ready.”

“The next, how are we going to advertise?” excitedly asked Shreya.

“Now a days, we have the merit of social media to advertise our app. After the creation of the app let’s spread the information in various groups. Let’s also pass it on to our neighbors and college friends. I guess I can take up this wok once the app is ready,” uttered Atmika determinately.

Followed Sudhama, “Shreya! You can look into the content-creation, collection, & organizing side which you are naturally good at and I shall work on the technical side along with Shiv to get the app ready. Also, to get him ready for…”

Sudhama’s chuckle broke the serious mode and soon there was a roar of laughter. 

Interjected a coy Atmika , “Shut up, guys! Let’s proceed with the next question.”

“It is an important question. We need to initially make an investment to get things ready. I can only bear the initial low costs but not for the long term. Further we can earn profit from the product we sell. Initially, we can begin with low profit margin and after it gains popularity, we can slowly raise the profit slab,” opined Sudhama.

“That’s a good idea. But we need to gather more points before we start. Income model will only help us raise our business internationally. So, why don’t we ask for an opinion from some experienced businessman?”

 “You are right, that sounds convincing,” said Sudhama.

“Guys! Why don’t we approach my Uncle, Mr. Prashanth? Like I have told you both earlier, he is the owner of our college-time favorite place, The Boiler Café. If I’m right he would also have started like us,” suggested Shreya.

“Great. We shall fix an appointment with him at the earliest. So that we can plan further regarding the income model,” said Sudhama.

“The next question is how are we going to deliver the food to the customers?” urged Atmika.

“Wait Atmika! Don’t be so urgent to proceed. First, let me discuss things with Shiv. If he’s ready…,” again chuckled Sudhama.

“I think dear, we can discuss these questions with my uncle. He is a magnet in business,” Shreya opined this calmly with a gentle smile.

They all began to dream of their project and were glad that their project was coming alive. There were many more things to be discussed and planned because reality is for more different from what we dream. Let us read how the three proceed with the income model for Annadha Food App after meeting Mr. Prashanth.

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