Annadha Food App – Episode 5

Shreya, Atmika, and Sudhama were seated in the waiting room of Mr. Prashanth’s office which stood right parallel to The Boiler Café. In spite of Mainapur being the technological metropolis, they stood amazed to see the traditional knowledge and facts displayed on the quantum sliders which beamed with neon light borders. Suddenly interrupted a secretary of Mr. Prashanth and welcomed them into his cabin. 

Mr. Prashanth’s cabin looked well-furnished, equipped, air-conditioned, and clean. At certain spots in the room wall, one could notice the stunning representation of different mythical signs and symbols highlighted with the newly invented liquid gas lights which stood free of any wire connections; wires had then become an antiquity.  

“Welcome my dear child, Shreya! How are you?” greeted a bold voice from the middle of the room. The human form was seated comfortably on a digitally controlled lowly levitating chair. 

Shreya soon recognized the voice and greeted back, “Thanks, uncle Prashanth! I’m fine. These are my friends, Atmika and Sudhama… Both silently greet… We have come to you for a purpose and we also know that you are the right person for guiding us. We need your help us in our “Annadha Food App” endeavour.  

“That’s sounds something traditional. Well! I am interested. Temme more about it.” 

Sudhama began, “Sir, we have planned to create this platform so that we can serve our traditional homemade tasty foods to break the monotonous food habits of busy metropolis city life.” 


Atmika continued, “We have also thought about few questions and tried answering them. We have now come to a point where we need to think about an income model. Can you please guide and give us inputs on how we have to go about, sir?”

“I’m happy to see you youngsters coming forward to start something like this. I’ll surely render you my part of help. 

All your mind may get filled up with multiple thoughts when you start to think about this project seriously. So, keep track of all your thoughts. 

I’m going to throw questions at you which may help your thinking to proceed forward towards making “Annadha Food App” a reality. 

Have you decided upon your firm’s logo and an attractive slogan? What are the ways that you are going to abide in order to constantly let people know about this plan and create interest for your products? How are you going to keep track of all the transactions that will get involved in the business? What is the specialty that you are going to provide which will draw buyers to purchase your products? How are you going to create a database of sellers and buyers? How many sellers will be given the space in order to display their products? Have you got a specific time bound goal?  

Apart from all these, you all need to multitask mindfully”, masterly quoted the owner of The Boiler Café. 

All the three were taken aback looking at his expertise in business and remained silent for some time. They were then given their favourite boiler coffee as refreshment. 

Soon the voice echoed, “I’m sure you can come up with answers for these questions. Take some time and put your mind into it. Return back to me after a week with all your answers. The answer to your main question about the business model will be given that time. I insist, don’t hesitate to ask me for any help.” 

After he completed his talk, a code appeared in the sofa hands and they were asked to touch it. As soon they touched the screen, their mobile screen blinked with a message stating that their phone has received a new contact with name of Prashanth. They immediately saved it and bid adieu. Filled up with many thoughts Atmika, Sudhama, and Shreya planned to return to their own homes and relax for some time and catch up the next day. 

(At Sudhama’s home, after he returned.) 

“Heya! I’m Sudhama, here. Atmika’s friend. You remember me?” 

“Hey Sudha! Of course, I remember you. How are you? Hwz Atmika doing?” 

“We are fine. How are you, Shiv?” 

“I’m good and having a great time working on a new project on Paraficial Intelligence.” 

“Interesting, I’m indeed happy for you, Shiv. By the by, I called you to ask for a favour. Are you available for few minutes?” 

“Go on, friend.” 

“Atmika, my best friend, and I have planned to start a traditional home food serving platform for which we want you help us in creating an application for Andintosh platforms.” 

“I get your point. We can get ready the technical side immediately. It won't take much time. But you need to tell me what are the contents that has to be posted and also regarding the categories & sub-categories that the app will contain.” 

“Regarding the design, I shall ask Atmika to contact you. Meanwhile my friend and I will get ready the contents to be displayed in the app.” 

On hearing Atmika’s name an instant joy crossed his mind but pretended to be unmoved. Shiv asked, “By the by, who do you repeatedly mean by your friend? Are you referring to Shreya?” 

They spoke for an hour recollecting their memories. We see their idea moving forward. Let us track their progress and watch how they give life to their project - Annadha Food App. Stay tuned at until the next episode. 


The Kirithigai Nannaal