Annadha Food App – Episode 6

(Shreya & Atmika @ Sudhama’s house)

“I think Uncle Prashanth is a genius man. 

He gave us a good brainstorming session and it had been a week that those questions kept popping in my mind. 

I have some answers, but I need your suggestions and ideas, Shreya & Atmika”

With an excitement, the glee Shreya began, “Even we thought about them and discussed few things. Why not we give the task of designing the logo for Annadha Food App to Shiv himself?”

“Definitely,” cut short the strategist firmly.

“Shiv would do it for us,” emphasized Atmika. “I shall follow him and get things ready.”

“Great. The next is about getting the fundamental contents to get the app ready, like slogan, the placement of articles, writeups etc. Shreya will you get it ready?”

“I worked out a bit for the Slogans, Annadha Food App - ‘Turn IT Traditional’, or ‘Taste the Classical’ or ‘Grab the Lost Taste’”.

“I feel the last two are appealing,” said Atmika without giving a stop.

“Yea, I too feel the same. But I thought that the slogan should talk about both taste and tradition . So shall we fix ‘Annadha Food App – Taste the Classical’ ?

“Done!” Both exclaimed in chorus.

“On my part, I’ve recognized 10 sellers of traditional food items with the help of my mother. I know this is being worked out in a slow but that is how it should be worked. Forming the database and following it up is as hectic as any other tasks. By the end of this week, our database shall grow as I would be contacting more people through references,” quoted a focussed Sudhama.

“That’s great our sweet boy!” Exclaimed the girls.

“Further, I want both your parents to participate in our venture. 

Let the App and the App-related works proceed. In the meanwhile, let’s also start advertising in the social media about our App. Let’s design flyers and start circulating it. From the contacts in our database and the enquiries we get, let’s form a group and keep updating them with useful traditional information and food culture.”

Both the looked at each other and exchanged smiles.

“Shreya, I know you are good at various writing styles of writing. But you need to keep in mind that everyone who reads your words must get that curiosity to know about our product. 

The three fields, writing, designing and advertising go hand-in-hand. So, Shiv, and you both should work closely. Meet Shiv as often as possible. Discuss our progress and keep me updated. I’ll also do my duty as best as possible to create two different databases for buyers and sellers.”

“Done. After we discuss all the questions that Uncle Prashanth had asked us, let’s fix an appointment and meet him. He would be happy to guide us further if we have a clean & clear agenda in our hands,” said the calm Shreya with a gentle smile.

“I also remember he had asked us about the methods to handle the transactions and keep account of them. I suggest, we can go with Payless App transaction. It gives us accountability by sending both buyers and sellers, instant mobile alerts about the transaction being done,” said Atmika after thinking well.

“I agree with you, Atmika and I guess Sudhu can take charge of handling e-cash and maintaining proper accounts.”

“I shall do it. I must employ whatever I have learnt at least in this,” Sudhama sarcastically pointed.

“Now, we at least have a concrete idea. I shall fix an appointment with Uncle Prashanth by next weekend. We shall catch up with Shiv tomorrow, coordinate in designing the app, and provide him the inputs necessary. We will also design flyers and start circulating it.”

“Come on guys! Our time frame to act on this project is NOW. Let’s begin!” 

Saying so, Sudhama cheered the two and winded up their meet.

Let’s wait till next issue to hear about Uncle Prashanth’s suggestion on business model for Annadha Food App. Stay tuned @ 

T. R. Surya, Special Correspondent, The Verandah Club

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