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Peruvamba Sundaresan Sadasivan(to the left), Photo of Late P S Sundaresan and V Sita Bai who is currently with Shri PSS(to the right)

Tucked away in the center of the bustling city, we entered the unassuming office of Peruvamba Sundaresan Sadasivan CA., CS., CMA at Sivananda Colony, Coimbatore, affectionately recognized as Auditor PSS. A seasoned auditor, his reputation in the financial world precedes him. Little did we know that stepping into that modest space would be akin to entering a portal into the essence of a man whose professional acumen seamlessly intertwines with his rich personal life. As we awaited our meeting, observing the comings and goings of his dedicated team, it became evident that this was not merely a workplace; it was a testament to the values that Shri PSS holds dear. His approach to business reflects not only in the meticulous nature of his audits but also in the way he has raised his children and the timeless wisdom he imparts upon all who seek his guidance.

Shri PSS, a proud son of Peruvamba Sadasivan Sundaresan, a distinguished Chartered Accountant from the 1960s, is the embodiment of a family legacy deeply rooted in values. His father, a trailblazer, initially embarked on a career with Fraser and Ross in Chennai. However, an unwavering commitment to principles led him to envision a path where he could not only succeed professionally but also become a job provider. After careful consideration, Coimbatore emerged as the perfect canvas for his entrepreneurial endeavors.

Following his father’s footprints, in 1987, Shri PSS took over the firm while his father and mother retired and went back to the farm to do farming. By 2006, with the blessings of his family deity Ootukulangara Bhagavathy, the firm stands tall in Sivananda Colony, Coimbatore as a testament to Shri PSS's entrepreneurial acumen, employing professionals with qualifications such as CA and CMA, showcasing the expansive success and influence he has achieved in the industry. He also proudly added that they have highly skilled and committed youngsters in their team, and phenomenal teamwork is the reason behind their success. The team includes qualified Chartered Accountants, Cost Accountants, Company Secretaries, ACCAs, CMSs, a group of bright youngsters.

While Shri PSS exudes humility when speaking about his father, wife, and children, he remains modest about his own accomplishments. This characteristic paints a portrait of a man who values family, eschews ego, and embodies a profound sense of humility and pride. Having graduated in 1987, he entered a new chapter of his life through marriage. His wife, Mrs. Radha PSS, a CIT topper, chose to venture into the world of finance, later becoming a Chartered Accountant. Shri PSS proudly emphasizes that her decision to pursue CA was entirely voluntary, driven by her desire to contribute to the success of his profession.

The extraordinary culture of familial support within the PSS family is nothing short of inspiring. Shri PSS's grandfather, a former principal at Peruvamba School, took a bold step by resigning from his position to stand firmly behind his son's aspirations. His mother, a graduate of Sanskrit and a stenographer, also helped his father with his pursuit back then. She even became a Chartered Accountant later after becoming a grandmother. A commendable effort on pursuing education at a senior age and also what is price worthy and notable is how women of our society were truly empowered as always.

(Mrs. Subashree, Mr. Max and Mr. Matt)

In 2012, the legacy continued with Shri PSS's daughter pursuing CA, becoming the third generation to carry forward the professional batten. She eventually moved to London, qualified ACCA, and set up her own office, contributing to global expansion. Shri PSS proudly noted that the family's financial legacy extends globally, with relatives in Canada, Australia, and Dubai, showcasing the breadth of their professional spread. His daughter Subashree set up her own initiative called JUMP Accounting UK along with Mr. Maxwel Raynor and Mr. Matt Dangell. She has now set up her back office in India with a team of 40 Indians and is still expanding.

They want to primarily help startups. He said, “Startups, even if they hire a Chartered Accountant, they don’t know how to ask the right questions and how to get things done. So, we want to help them by understanding their requirements and how to give them a service with the price and quality that they can’t achieve even by doing it themselves.” They also provide virtual CFOs for 24/7 guidance to their clients.

(Team Jump Accounting, UK)

His second daughter Vijayshree, a Geotechnical Engineer from Denmark Technical University is now doing her Ph.D. at Chalmers University of Technology, researching on stabilizing clay with clay. His third daughter Nithyashree is doing Chemical Engineering in CIT.

On the account of effective parenting he said that as a parent, he allows his children to find their passion. Because things are evolving so fast, and if children do things the way the parents did, they would go outdated. It is important that they look into the future, and condition themselves. He also said, “The parents should listen to their narratives and provide the emotional support to the children to navigate their own paths”.

We wondered about the entrepreneurial spirit that runs down his family. But he calmly said that expressing love for one's profession has a profound impact on whether the succeeding generation embraces it. Conversely, speaking negatively about one's profession may deter them from pursuing it. It becomes imperative to convey a positive narrative about our work and passion rather than complaining and creating a negative environment confuses their formative minds.

He emphasized on how stressful the transition from childhood to adulthood can be and why it is important for the parent to build trust with the children. “As a parent, being the first person they turn to with problems is essential, and actively fostering this connection is paramount. Communication is the key. Parents should always be available for their children.”

He also reminded us that the commitment towards the family is crucial. He quoted in his own financial language, “The commitment to family and health is not a Lump sum deposit; rather, it is a recurring deposit and it has to be done each and every day.”

(Shri PSS with his team)

In addition to fostering a positive family culture, Shri PSS extends the same exemplary ethos to his workplace. Emphasizing the importance of work-life balance, he advocates for flexible office hours. “Every employee is a package. When they step into the office, they inevitably bring the complexities of their personal lives. Recognizing that unresolved personal matters can impede efficiency, the implementation of flexible timings and a supportive office culture provides employees with the opportunity to arrive ready to work, free from distractions.”

When asked how he perceived the three phases of India—before globalization, post-globalization, and the current wave of growth since 2014, he replied, “In my father's era, there was a significant shortage of resources. During my generation, work leaned heavily on manual efforts, requiring a substantial workforce. Today, the emphasis has shifted to knowledge and skill, and those who don't meet the required standards may struggle to thrive.”

When asked about the economic growth of India in recent years, he replied, “I've observed a notable trend: economies in other countries are becoming increasingly expensive, prompting companies to shift their focus to India for more cost-effective goods and services.” He also added that the next wave of big firms might come up from India. 

He also spoke about the premium on honesty. “The introduction of GST has heightened the competitiveness in the business landscape, particularly for those outside the supply chain. In present day India, there is an incentive to honesty, which is a welcome change. Embracing honesty has become essential for survival, as the system is designed to reward honesty and integrity, and businessmen naturally gravitate towards profitability.”

While talking about the businesses in Coimbatore, he said, “The aspiring entrepreneurs of the next generation in Coimbatore are harboring ambitious dreams and venturing into uncharted territories. I foresee several companies poised to make a significant national impact.”

When asked about his advice for young entrepreneurs and startups, he said, "If you are passionate about your pursuits and strive for excellence, everything falls into place. By doing so, you naturally attract others, and fear should never be a hindrance. Overcoming fear opens the door to limitless possibilities.” He added, "Pangs of growing is easier to handle than not growing at all."

(The Indian team of Shri PSS)

His advice for those pursuing finance is that, “In today's financial landscape, the possibilities are vast and diverse, with numerous branches to explore. Finding one's niche involves a journey of exploration and discovery. Fix your life, build a career around and not the other way around."

When asked about his definition of success, he replied, “The greatest fulfillment one can experience is when the next generation is capable of self-sufficiency.” Atma Nirbharta in true sense is liberating.

He prioritizes time for family and their dreams being taken care of over a career. When his father found the need to retire from farming, he took up paddy cultivation and farming as an area of special interest and found joy in tilling the soil.

Peruvamba Sundaresan Sadasivan's journey unfolds not just as a testament to his professional success but as a profound reflection of family values, legacy, and the seamless integration of personal and professional realms.

From the roots of a family deeply committed to entrepreneurship, Shri PSS has not only carried forward his father's legacy but has also paved the way for the next generation to dream globally. His insights into parenting, the evolving business landscape, and his commitment to honesty underscore a narrative that extends beyond financial acumen—here is a man whose success is measured not just in numbers but in the resilience of family bonds and the impact on future generations. As he continues to navigate the realms of business and family, Shri PSS stands as a beacon of wisdom, emphasizing the timeless values that fuel his remarkable journey.

|| Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitah ||

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