Billalu with Miravakai Thokku

Billalu is a snack prepared mostly in the houses of Telugu speaking people in Tamilnadu. It is served with Miravakai thokku. (You can find the recipe of Pachai Miravakai thokku in TheVerandahClub.com) Bilallus are topped with a layer of Miravakai thokku , one layer of garam and closed with another billalu which has Ulligadda oorukai spread on it.


1. Raw rice powder - 4 glasses

2. Roasted bengal gram powder (pottie - 2 glass kadalai mavu)

3.Salt as much as required

4. Cashew Nut pieces - 2 tbsps

5. Pumpkin seeds or watermelon seeds - 1 tbsp

6. Sesame seeds - 1 tbsp

7. Water - for 4 glasses of raw rice we require 4 glasses of water(1:1 ratio)

8. 2 tbsps of cooking oil

9. Cooking oil for deep frying


Heat the water and add salt. When the water is hot, switch off the flame and add the measured raw rice powder. Mix thoroughly. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix thoroughly into the dough. Meanwhile, heat the oil for deep frying. Make small balls from dough and pat them on a wet towel into small discs. Once the oil is hot, deep fry the billalu to a golden brown crispy snack.