Chillara Appam

         This recipe is from the house of Rajalakshmi Ammal (1900-1970) and Vyasa Bhushanam P. A. Raju Chettiyar (1895-1984). Between 1913 & 1970 Rajalakshmi Ammal was the Homemaker of their family. Over the decades she nurtured and reared a large joint family. The matrimonial alliances and exposure created a large melting pot of diverse food habits, lifestyles and education. This rare recipe was her specialty throughout her married life spanning 57 years. Chillara appam is a tasty, hard and brittle snack. 


1. Raw Rice – 1 litre

2. Raw Rice (Nooge/Kurunai) – 100ml

3. Solid Ghee – 1 ½ tablespoons

4. Salt – As desired

5. Oil – For deep frying


Day 1: Soak the raw rice in water and leave it overnight. 

Day 2:

1. Grind the soaked rice into powder. 

2. Sieve the above (using a sieve with average sized holes). Separate the rice granules and the powder. 

3. Add water to the separated granules and boil it until it forms a thick batter (thick kanji).

4. Leave it to cool completely. 

Spread the fine rice powder on a plate; add the kanji little by little to the rice powder and using your fingers loosen the mixture. Make sure that lumps are not formed in the process. (Should look like Rava and not the Chappathi dough.)

Day 3:

1. Add ghee and salt to the rice mixture made on Day 2.

2. Make small balls and then shape them into thin patties (like thattai murukku).

3. Fry them in batches of 4 or 5 until they turn dark brown. 

-         -  Smt. P. A. R. Rajalakshmi  Ammal 


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