Damu and Bhagiyam: The Innovative Vrksha Mandhiram

Bhagiyam was busily roasting coffee beans and at the time, Damu entered the house. Both of them had been busy trying to help their near and dear. Bhagiyam had finally come back home and was trying to fix up things. She had begun with the coffee beans and did not want to lose her concentration. Damu understood her predicament and waited until she was done with her work. Thereafter, the couple sat down to discuss between themselves.

“You are always thoughtful. This kind of thoughtfulness has yielded rich dividends for both of us. Now, I’m going to reward you with some nice seeval that I got from Thanjavur. I believe in focusing on my work and clearly understand that mindfulness has its own benefits,” smiled Bhagiyam

Damu seconded her words by nodding his head and stretched his arm to get some tasty seeval from her. This item had been on his list of favourites, since his teenage days. “Yes, Bhagiyam. It is important to think in line with the task which needs to be accomplished. Peace of mind and the joy of working are lost if we deviate. These days I notice people doing three different things at the same time i.e., thinking one thing, speaking another thing, and doing something else. These people could have become ashtavadhini-s or shadvadhini-s. But one thing, I wonder why they are not content with their lives,” stated Damu with a look that was carrying a thoughtful query.

“The attitude of people has undergone a sea change, and this has brought in a lot of stress. Stress leads the dilution of mindfulness,” added Bhagiyam.

Damu supported her thought saying that people got lost in the turbulences created by their desires. “Bhagiyam, I find the concentration level of people going down. I really do not know if it has to do with technology or change in times. Everyone seems to be caught in vortex of their own making and this seems to be affecting their thought process. Unfortunately, people have been misplacing vortex with the word focus. In reality, they have lost focus and are suffering from a Focus Deficit Syndrome. It is important that everyone gets back to the good old days with their good old habits,” chuckled Damu.

Damu and Bhagiyam furthered the subject by talking about the various apps, tools, and techniques available for people who are devoid of mindfulness.

Bhagiyam gave out a good laughter and stated, “People go through thousand years of information in a jiffy. Information overload has made people unconsciously practice mindlessness in the place of mindfulness. Everyone is becoming opinionated and judgmental. Memories, experiences, and information are fast turning out to be liabilities, for expectations have given birth to suspicion and prejudices. A good sleep, a proper diet will help us in the journey towards mindfulness.”

“Yes, yes, Bhagiyam. It is high time that people sit down and ruminate before taking hasty steps. Thoughtlessness can be avoided, if mindfulness is in place. Each one should create an environment for oneself in this regard. Every person must introspect and understand the journey. The quality of the journey will determine the type of destination that one may reach. It is up to the individual to illuminate himself. We are very lucky today, for we are spoiled for choice in this regard. I think mindfulness must come from within and can happen only through introspection which is backed by compassion and empathy. We need to understand that we are not alone,” said Damu.

“Practicing mindfulness is not something that is impossible. We must be one with nature to do it. Forest bathing helps one to practice mindfulness. In our country, we have a unique system. We can practice it in a sacred grove called the Vrksha Mandhiram. I have read about this tree temple and all that one needs to do is go the tree temple and sit down under his/her tree. Just concentrating on the lotus feet of the lord in such a place would be more than sufficient for it will help a person to practice mindfulness,” said Bhagiyam.

“Vrksha Mandhiram is something interesting. Do tell me more about it Bhagiyam.”

 “This is an innovative idea conceptualized by the members of The Veranda Club. If I say about Vrksha Mandhiram, I may miss to express the complete picture of what it is. I suggest that you must contact the team to know more about it.”

“Sure, Bhagiyam. I shall inquire in The Verandah Club and we both shall visit once.”

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