Designing a house as per Vastu - II

Site Selection

After having a comparatively decent idea about the principles of vastu shastra, we have now taken the first step towards designing our own house. So, the first step will be (as discussed in the last article) to select the site or the plot. Some of you would think what is so important about selecting a site. But I would like to mention here that it is the most important and the necessary step towards designing our house. There are many factors involved in it to make a proper selection.

The plot or the site represents the fixed form which is bound to either radiate negative or the positive energies on us. These energies will further depend on many factors like the location of the plot, orientation of the site, shape of the plot, quality of the soil, slope of the site etc. Let us briefly discuss some most critical ones.

  1. Location of the Site.
  2. Quality of the soil on site.
  3. Shape of the site.
  4. Slope of the site.
  5. Site Orientation.

We all consider the north facing house as auspicious. However, this may not be the case in general. Given a chance to make the selection of the house from the four directions i.e., east, west, north and south, everyone would intend to select the north facing house as they are considered auspicious. The placement of the entrance dictates whether the house is auspicious (which in my terms would mean that it is generating positive vibes/energies) or inauspicious (generating negative vibes/energies). We will discuss about all these important aspects in our coming articles. Site orientation is further categorised into

  1. North facing house
  2. South facing house
  3. East facing house
  4. West facing house.

Location of the House

Let us start with the location of the house. Be it an ancient architecture like vastu shastra, or any modern architecture, site plays a vital role in designing a house. Let us discuss this by understanding how we feel at different places.

Disparate places have different vibes or the energy transmissions. For example, when a person is in his office, he feels altered than a person at home or in a temple. At office, he might be under a lot of pressure of completing his target and might be stressed, but at home he is relaxed amidst his family, spending time with them.

Similarly, when a person goes to a temple, his energy levels are very high due to the aura of the energies around him. This might not be the case with a person at the crematorium. This means that the places have their own impact on an individual. Thus, we can say that some places are auspicious while others are not.

We call it auspicious because our ancient vastu pandits have related these principles with the religion, so that people start following them strictly which will ultimately bring lot of happiness and prosperity in their lives. This can be proved by pointing out a fact. In ancient times, people followed fasts which in a way was nothing but detoxifying our body. This is being followed in our modern societies by doing intermittent fasting, dieting, salad diets etc.

Vastu shastra has considered this and has formulated certain broad guidelines to help us in the selection of an ideal location. It is not necessary that while making the selection all the criteria should be fulfilled because it is practically not possible. But we should try to consider most of them. All factors in vastu shastra including the ideal location of the land must be taken into consideration before deciding on the site.

As we have agreed earlier that vastu is a science and is based on logic and reasoning. Being a professional, I have tried to explain these factors scientifically and rationally, so that people can understand what to follow and what not.

Ideal Location of the site/plot

Now, what is an ideal location?

I think this is a relative word. Something which is ideal for me might not be ideal for someone else. But still I can try to put it in words.

Ideal location for constructing a house can be something which is calm, peaceful and full of greenery. It should also have good water resource and good soil for construction.

Logical Reasoning - If we have a peaceful and calm area, it helps us concentrate and focus on important issues of life without distracting us. The fertile soil around us will help us maintain our gardens and greenery around us. It will also help us to build a healthy environment. The eternal peace is what everyone seeks.

Trusting our intuition: It might sound strange, but I would suggest to try and do it while selecting a site. It is good idea to spend some time on the plot, stand and feel the vibrations for a few moments. If you feel good or get positive vibes, consider buying it, else leave it as it might not be good for you.

Logical Reasoning - It is always advisable to trust one’s intuition but that should not be the only criteria. One should not be swayed by anything or anyone else.

Which sites should be considered?

Plots with good history: It is best to buy a house where the inhabitants are prosperous, happy and successful. Or if it is a plot, the land should be in such a place that the surrounded by happy families, children playing in the park, elderly people enjoying their lives in the common areas.

Logical Reasoning - When we see so much of positivity around us, we psychologically feel good and hence are surrounded by the positive feeling and thoughts.

Plots with roads on all the four sides: Having roads/open on all the four sides of the plots is the best situation as per Vastu Shastra.

Logical Reasoning - This is because the plot with road on all the sides or open is not abutting anybody’s property and hence one can derive maximum light and ventilation from all the four sides.

Plots with roads on north or east side: Having a road or open area on the north or east side is the next best option.

Logical Reasoning - This is because sufficient sunlight having the Ultraviolet rays in the morning can enter the house. Also, direct light and ventilation can enter the house from these directions, particularly during the morning time.

Plots with water source in north, east or north-eastern side: It is considered good if the plots have a water source in the north, east or north-east direction.

Logical Reasoning - We have discussed this in our earlier articles that the germicidal Ultraviolet rays of the morning sun engulfs the north-east corner in the morning. It will as well purify the water before we start using it.

These are some of the plots which can be considered while selecting a site for our house. In our next following articles, the sites which should not be considered, rather avoided for construction, similar other facts about the facing direction of the plots and their impact on the people staying in it will be elaborated.

I am an Architect, Interior Designer and a Vastu Consultant, with more than a decade of experience in conceptualization, designing and construction of diverse architectural projects. An alumnus of IIT-Roorkee, I have a thorough background in architecture and interior designing with expertise in directing all project phases. My passion towards architecture inspires me to keep learning about various new trends yet following the age old traditions.