Ekadhantaya Vakratundaya

EKADANTAYA VAKRATUNTAYA, is a popular song, composed by the illustrious composer duo, AJAY GOGAVALE and ATUL GOGAVALE. The two brothers are proficient music composers, music producers, and have also composed background scores for movies. They were born to Ashok Gogavale, an officer at the revenue department, in Alandi, Pune. Atul, the elder brother was born on 11th September 1974 and his younger brother, Ajay was born on 21st August 1976. From their childhood onwards, they weren’t inclined towards academics, but displayed passion for music. They took part in numerous music competitions and musical programs. After completing their education, they shifted to Mumbai. They secured a golden opportunity, to work on an international, non-film, devotional music album, ‘VISHWAVINAYAKA.’ This album was released on 3rd May 2005 and was well received by music lovers. It catapulted the duo, to exalted heights, in the field of music. Thus, they gained recognition and fame in the Indian music industry. They have composed music for a myriad of movies, such as, Singham, Bol Bachan, Agnipath, Brothers and the Marathi film, Sairat. They were honored as ‘The Composers of the Decade’, at the Mirchi Music Awards (Hindi) for Agnipath and Mirchi Music Awards (Marathi) 2021 for Sairat. The plenitude of other awards won by them also, delineate their flair for music.

The song, Ekadantaya Vakratundaya is one of the famous songs from the album VISHWA VINAYAKA. This iconic song was sung by the preeminent singer and composer SHANKAR MAHADEVAN. This legendary singer was born on 3rd March 1967, in Chembur, Mumbai to a Tamil speaking family. He is a part of the Trio team of composers, SHANKAR – EHSAAN – LOY. He also runs the’ Shankar Mahadevan Academy’ to impart music lessons to avid learners.

The Song Ekadantaya Vakratundaya is sung in praise of Lord VINAYAKA, the Supreme Head. It is an endearing song, hailing the glories of LORD VIGNESHWARA, the dispeller of all obstacles. The song is not only melodious but is also replete with in-depth meaning. In order to enjoy the song in an enhanced manner, it is vital for us to know the core substance of the lyrics. It is indeed a great joy to expound the meaning of this song in detail. Let us savor the essence of this nectar and drink our fill to the brim.

In the opening line, the composers have reiterated the word ‘GANA’, (the attendants of Lord Shiva). This brings forth the poetic beauty of the composition and also showcases the power wielded by Lord Ganesha. The composers have offered prayers (Dheemahi) to Lord Ganesha, and have lauded the Lord as,

Gana Naayakaaya, (The lord of Ganas), Gana Dhaivataaya (God of Ganas), Ganaadhyakshaaya (supervisor of ganas), Gunashareeraaya, (Embodiment of good characteristics), Gunamandithaaya (Adorned by virtues), Guneshaanaya, (master of all moral rectitude).

Gunadheethyaya, (one who surpasses all moral virtues), Gunadheeshaya, (one who is the master of all forms of virtues), Gunapravishtaaya. (one who is the personification of all excellent qualities) Dheemahi, (offering Prayers to Lord Ganesha).

We offer our prayers to Ekadantaaya (the one with a single tusk), Vakrathundaaya ( a twisted trunk) and Gowri Thanayaaya (the son of Parvathi), Gajeshaanaya (the one who is the Lord of elephants), Bhaal chandraya (the one whose forehead is as luminous as the moon) and Shree Ganeshaya (the Lord of Ganas.

The next stanza reveals Lord Ganesha’s zeal for devotional songs. Lord Ganesha is Gaana Chathuraya (skilled in music), Gaanapranaya, (the life of music) Gaanaantharaathmaney (the innermost soul of music),Gaanotsukhaya, (the one who finds excitement in listening to music), Gaanamatthaaya, (the one who gets intoxicated with music) Gaanothsukha manasey (the one whose heart is filled with joy and while listening to music. The devotees can seek His blessings by choosing the path of ‘Sankeerthanam’ (singing songs in praise of the Lord)

The following stanza is dedicated to Gurus and it describes the manner in which Lord Ganesha protects all the teachers. Lord Ganapathy is worshipped by all teachers and Gurus (Guru Poojithaaya), He is their God (Guru Dhaivathaaya) who protects their dynasties, (Guru Kulasthaayiney). He is the one who makes the preceptors, valorous (Guru Vikramaaya) and is the one who transfers their invocation to Agni (Guhya pravaraaya). He is the most virtuous of all the Gurus (Guravey Guna Guravey), He is the one who vanquishes all the foes of the Gurus (Guru dhaitya kalachetrey). He is worshipped by the Gurus, who practice righteousness (Guru Dharma sadhaaraadhyaya). He saves the off- springs of the Gurus (Guru Puthra pariththaathrey) and He destroys the impious people (Guru paakhanda khanda kaaya).

Lord Ganesha is extolled as (Gita Saaraaya) the essence and quintessential truth of the Gita. He is eulogized as (Gita Tatvaya), the principles of Gita. Lord Ganesha is described as the one having, adorable, rounded ankles (Guda gulfaya), He is the intoxicating fragrance, emitted by sandalwood paste (Gandha Matthaaya), He is the bestower, of victory and wealth in the form of cows (Go Jaya Pradhaya).

The song is in high favor and is chosen as the opening song for musical concerts, and temple festivals. The song has also become the Anthem that is played at all Ganesha Chaturthi celebrations. It also is a YouTube sensation and has hit over seventeen million views. This majestic song invokes the blessings of Lord Ganesha and is cherished by the rasikas of music.

Yamuna is a resident of Coimbatore and is pursuing Hindustani vocal music under the tutelage of Shri Kedar Karatji . She also teaches bhajans and conducts English Grammar classes for school children . Her other passions are writing travelogues , playing keyboard , gardening , going on pilgrimages and exploring & enriching her knowledge through travel.