eMedHub, a simple and user-friendly software solutions for clinic use was founded in 2015 with the sheer efforts of the promoters Dr. Rajesh Kumble and ShankthaKumari Jaganathan. Dr. Rajesh Kumble is a leading pediatrician in the United States of America. He completed his medicine degree at St. John College, Bangalore and went to the USA for higher studies. He did his specialization in Pediatrics study from Michigan State University. After which, he assumed his clinical leadership responsibilities in the year 2002 and this center moved into its new 1,00,000 sq.ft. facility in 2012. He is a former chairperson of Pediatrics Department in Lowell Medical Center and the present CMO of the same. Lowell Medical Center is responsible for approximately 300,000 healthcare visits and has a team of approximately 100 Doctors.

Dr. Rajesh Kumble also has a specialized degree in Clinical Informatics apart from his medical degree. This is entirely due to his interest in technology. Dr. Rajesh Kumble worked on the creation of Electronic Health Record System (EHR) His medical and technological background led him to be a part of this venture and eMedHub is the unique service that has come out due to the same.

Dr. Rajesh Kumble was a key senior leader responsible for planning / operationalizing many new services such as specialties, obtaining recognition as a level 3 medical home and planning the physical space for integration of primary care and behavioral health services.

Shanktakumari Jaganathan is a widely traveled investor, farmer and a mother of two. Her son Shri Venkatesh Jaganathan is a leading professional in the USA. Her daughter Sri Priya lives in Coimbatore, India. Shanktakimari Jaganathan was motivated by some of the best medical practices and the recording of the same in the USA. Therefore she felt that the same could be adapted and put to use in India. This led to her collaborating with Dr. Rajesh Kumble and this has resulted in the establishment of eMedHub at Coimbatore, India.

eMedHub helps the doctors to connect with their patients digitally on a 24/7 basis. It is a total health care management solution. The company has a facility on TriStar Towers, Avinashi Road, Coimbatore. It also has a facility cum office at Chennai. The operations in India are thus located in Chennai and in Coimbatore. A number of talented professionals drawn from diverse fields are working together as a team in order to effectively deliver the product eMedHub to the doctors in India.

Patients have been visiting doctors at clinics in their neighborhood. These doctors investigate the patients and prescribe medication. They also make some observations on the prescription sheet. In certain cases, patient dockets are also created. Well, the service goes beyond prescriptions. In a number of cases, doctors advise the patients to undergo some tests and scans. These reports are brought back to the doctors for advice and they in turn suggest a suitable path of treatment.

The patients have to often visit the doctors for follow up and advice. They are forced to carry huge files and the doctors are also troubled with numerous unwanted literature in front of them. This has the potential to create confusion and needless time delay emergencies.

Additionally the patients may have to urgently visit other hospitals due to emergencies. These hospitals may be located in a different city or country. Carrying these files would not have been the idea while traveling to a new place. There is a huge disconnect with regard to patient-doctor communication. This comes in the way of effectiveness and in the case of emergency treatment it comes in the way of saving the life of the patient.

Besides all this, the facts connected with the suitability of medication and treatment that may be registered but completely left out. Therefore, Dr. Rajesh Kumble and Shanktakumari Jaganathan came up with eMedHub with the idea of giving safe and seamless care to the needy patients. eMedHub is a product cum service which is available through subscription for the doctors and it is absolutely free for the patients. This made it a win-win situation to both patients and the doctors.

Today the technology front offers numerous opportunities for addressing such issues and there are numerous ventures who are offering solutions. One has to stand out and offer the best in order to ensure the utilitarian value of the product/service. The experience of Dr. Rajesh Kumble has been the foundational bedrock which has made eMedHub a unique and distinctive platform for doctors who may not be attached to larger medical facilities. The client doctors include standalone people and also doctors at mid sized medical utilities.

Patient data is sensitive and needs to be kept absolutely confidential. The founder Dr. Rajesh Kumble has ensured that the information registered by the patients is kept in the most confidential manner. Especially the psychiatry vertical needs utmost secrecy. eMedHub has understood the importance of this aspect in terms of the features connected with data security. The information is stored in Amazon Web Service Cloud (AWS). This makes it readily accessible anywhere anytime. The best in terms of technology has been integrated in this service.

The eMedHub is absolutely doctor friendly for he/she doesn’t require an extra effort in order to use the same. eMedHub is an easy to use service and can be used with the latest telephone/equivalent device.

The Queue management system (QMS) of eMedHub uses artificial intelligence in order to reduce the patient waiting time. The world of today needs more of time and space. Everyone is in a hurry to attend to all their tasks and do not like to wait for long. Team eMedHub has taken cognizance of the same and has created an official QMS which addresses all the above mentioned issues.

While the QMS is important, the reminders are even more crucial. eMedHub notifies the patient through an SMS and this helps them to follow up with the doctor in a timely manner. There may be situations where injections or vaccines may have to be administered to elders and children respectively. The SMS notification facility will help in ensuring promoters.

Telemedicine facility is secure and private. The virtual consulting room is designed as per the NABH(National accreditation board of Hospitals) and HIPPA(Health Insurance portability and Accountability Act)

Senior Citizens and patients require the attention of a learned psychiatrist and are required to go back to the same doctor often. These visits are customary in nature and are a part of a medical following. Physical touch may not be required and the telemedicine feature will help the patient to access the doctor from his/her own residence/ private space. This feature reduces the need to travel and therefore it makes the doctor-patient relationship eco friendly. Additionally a lot of time and money is saved in the process. This helps the patients to avoid fuel and food expenses that may occur while following up with the doctor. Such a feature is a major boon at times of a severe pandemic. This helps in the management of emergency situations.

eMedHub is a mobile app/ web app that can be accessed through a tablet/laptop. This can be downloaded by the doctors and patients. This feature plays a complementary role in ensuring that the facility is made use of in a seamless manner.

eMedHub offers a wonderful digital dashboard which helps in disseminating and analyzing information connected with the patient and doctor interface. It helps the clinic and the doctor to understand a number of things which may include the following.

  • Turnaround time taken for patient service
  • Location analysis
  • Revenue centers
  • Details connected with referral sources
  • Review and details connected with reviews or repeated visits on new visits
  • Rush days and Rush hour details
  • Types of services availed by patients
  • Doctor wise/Subject wise reports

The same app/service could also be used in numerous additional ways. Team eMedHub and Dr. Rajesh Kumble is in the process of continuously updating and adding features. eMedHub offers the medical registry and this is helpful in treating complicated cases. Not only that it helps in disseminating the cases based on parameters and treatments provided. This may also help in ensuring the value of medical research.

eMedHub has an integrated hospital management system. The products include,

  • Automated front office system
  • Smart queue management
  • Specialized doctor modules
  • Best situated lab system
  • Reports
  • Specialization modules

eMedHub has been tailor made to suit a number of specialities and subspecialties. The specialities include,

  • General Medicine
  • Pediatrics
  • Psychiatry
  • Diabetology
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Ophthalmology

The above modules have specific tailor made doctor mode features which will cater to normal as well as unique situations. The promoters Dr. Rajesh Kumble and Shanktakumari Jaganathan are keen to bring in additional features and evolving technologies for the purpose of making eMedHub the best in its class.

“We do not have the habit of sending a patient without providing a solution. This is done irrespective of the revenue generated from the patient. I’m very happy to share the facts connected with our facility during the covid period. Our doctors helped more than 1000 patients to access treatment and medicine on a no cost basis. Numerous people from the socially and financially depressed section of the society were able to stay healthy during those troublesome times. A number of frontline workers could continue to offer their services due to the positive intention of eMedHub”, stated Doctor Rajesh Kumble during a conversation over a hearty meal at “That’s Why On The Go” in Racecourse, Coimbatore.

Chief Operating Officers B.Bhuvaneshwari and her teammates shared testimonials provided by the doctors/patients who had made use of the service of eMedHub

  • eMedHub app is user friendly that I see the patients and simultaneously complete a minute or so out from the other apps out the market . eMedHub, Tele-consultation is a wonderful idea, and helped doctors out during this era of covid pandemic. (Dr.Bharathi Singh M.B.B.S., DGO)
  • I love everything about eMedHub, Its easy and saves tons of time . It takes only few minutes to do an e - prescription . It eliminates the need to have separate servers , backup system , installation of application updates and significantly reduces the need for IT support. (Dr.Sudha M.D, OG)

The world of today has become a real global village due to the incubation of ventures like eMedHub. Hats off to the mission given service minded Dr. Rajesh Kumble. May his ilk be on the rise. The Chief Operating Officer B. Bhuvaneshwari recalled a few instances that had prevailed during the covid scenario. The services of the eMedHub team gave us an opportunity to do some real time coordination. Our team members ensured that Doctor and Ambulances were available on time. This gave each one of us enormous job satisfaction. The humane touch in each person could be seen increasing the results in an exponential manner. No amount of money or recognition can equal the joy that arouses during those moments. The utilitarian value of such offerings are very difficult to measure and are beyond monetary quantification.

Culturally India is known to be a country which has offered remarkable solutions to the global problems over several centuries. Ventures like eMedHub have become a part of cultural leadership offered by the Vishwaguru -India.

Digital India programme ushered in under the dynamic leadership of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi is best realized through the services of eMedHub. This facility offers not just treatment but also perpetual attention. eMedHub has been recognized as a unique cum top notch Made in India healthcare startup.

Mr. Rajesh Govindarajulu is one of the founding members of The Verandah Club Pvt. Ltd. He is a leading columnist, historian, jeweler, entrepreneur, and a heritage enthusiast who is earnestly working to revive the past in the light of the present. Experiential learning about the history of Coimbatore is his main course of interest and he is also a panel member of many colleges in the city.


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