Guiding Principles and Thoughts

Words of Wisdom

The guiding principles of Annamalaiji (1926 - 1997) are quite interesting and are universally applicable. He grew up under difficult circumstances. The results were good but the RSS ideologue refused to indulge in pleasures. He believed in thrift and just stayed away from borrowing money from others. Annamalaiji used to state that a simple life would keep a person ethical and honest. He used to convey that instead of blaming situations, a person can work hard in order to make changes. This was his constant message to his students. 

Annamalaiji used to say that one has to keep trying in order to succeed. Some people would say that one can try their best but the nationalist was of the opinion that one has to work till the job was completed. He would also state that one has to acquire warrior like qualities in order to succeed in the battle called life. Desires and emotions should never stand in the way of one's goals. Punctuality was one more of his guiding principles. He simply did not believe in buying time. One who loved life would love time too. Such a person would never waste his time or the time of others. Punctuality was practised in military precision by Annamalaiji. 

The good Samaritan was keen to lead a clean life. He firmly believed that leading a life of ethics was the same as leading the life of a Hindu. Our Hindu religion had crossed hundreds of centuries and it was not just a mere form worship or inane practice of ritualism. Hinduism was in fact a way of life. Again, the noble soul used to state that power was not meant to corner wealth. The fame that was acquired by one, while harnessing, would disappear the moment, the trappings of power disappeared. One had to do his duty after realising that it was the only thing to do. 

Annamalaiji used to say that it is essential for a person to succeed as a house holder. Success in public life or spiritual life would not be of value, if a person had not taken care of his family. The greatest virtue was leading a balanced life, while one took care of the needs of the family, and rising up in the society or otherwise. Encouraging the honest initiatives of people was practised by him. Again, Annamalaiji would never keep things that could not be used. The assets or possessions of a person had to be useful at all times. 

His advice to newly married couples were very interesting. The young couple had to maintain a smiling face and should move along with others with warmth. Maintaining a good relationship with parents and relatives was to be a key to a good family life. Life was meant to move with ups and downs. One had to be mature enough to understand this fact. The couple should eat on time and never starve unnecessarily. If one had to fast, doing it in a systematic manner was bound to be spiritually productive. 

His advice was that one should not pick fight with other people. One had to look after their parents well and keep up the word given. Avoiding harsh words was really important. He advised the couples to read good books everyday. It was equally important to read a few pages of good material before going to sleep. Savings were important and unwanted expenses were not meant to be. 

Education was the greatest tool. Never should a person be found locked at home. Moving with different people would give one, both, experience and exposure. Visiting relatives was ever important. One should never discriminate between the rich and the poor. Everyone has talents in some form or the other. We must always think that people were good. 

Annamalaiji advised the newly weds to visit temples. He used to say that the temples were treasures left behind by our elders. God would add energy to our soul. Therefore, just meditation would not be enough. The kind Almighty was omnipresent and his kindness was sure to make us reach a good level. 

The virtuous life, principles and thoughts of Annamalaiji would act as a beacon life to the youngsters of today. These words would help them to fulfil the dreams of the forefathers of this sacred land - Bharat. 

Mr. Rajesh Govindarajulu is one of the founding members of the Verandah Club Pvt. Ltd. He is a leading columnist, historian, jeweler, entrepreneur, and a heritage enthusiast who is earnestly working to revive the past in the light of the present. Experiential learning about the history of Coimbatore is his main course of interest and he is also a panel member of many colleges in the city.


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