Hymn to god the Anonymous!

The Famous, The Anonymous,

The Inception, The Completion,

The whomsoever above me,

I believe you,

Your duty and the due.

Duly consider me

Ignore the less profane,

For that to err is human.

I fear you,

For that you begot me;

For that you have,

Every right to banish me,

For that I behave.

I propound myself,

In certainty and courage,

That I - your one,

Aim none, Blame none, Claim none,

For that I shame none.

I solicit you,

The embodiment of solitude,

Set me free from the lure;

Bringeth the cure;

And remove that I endure.

You are the fearest

You are the dearest

I avow and accept..!

Vigneshvaran is the Special Correspondent of the company. He is a graduate of English Literature who shows great interest in analysing various practices followed in Sanatana dharma. He is a practical person with a curiosity to learn everything by experiencing. He is also a staunch nationalist and writes poems both in English and Tamil. Vignesh also is an excellent orator.