Lockdown Recipes

Tasty Sweet Potato Snack

A Snack need not be always crunchy and appealing to the taste buds. It can be a delicious-healthy alternative. This Lockdown period is the time to take care of our health and build immunity. One must also be reminded of the quote, “If we eat food as medicines, then we need not eat medicines as food.”

The Sundararajan couple happily live their retirement life at their home at R. S. Puram. They pass their time watching Tv, reading books and newspapers, and having healthy snacks. One such scrumptious snack is the one they prepare with the Sweet Potatoes.

Required things:

1. Sweet Potatoes (Red or White) – ½ kg.

2. Jaggery – 3/4th kg.

3. Powdered Elachi – as needed.


• Cut the sweet potatoes into ½ cm pieces with the skin.

• Keep it in a vessel that has thick bottom, preferably.

• Add as much water needed to keep the vegetable immersed.

• Keep it on the lighted stove to boil.

• When the pieces are ¾ soft, add powdered jaggery until it forms into a thick syrup.

• At this consistency, add Elachi powder.

The Tasty Sweet Potato snack is ready!

Serve hot with a cuppa tea!

Stay home! Stay healthy!

(Recipe shared by Lalitha Sundararajan.)