Our Dakshinamurthy

Yonder lived saints and Sages in tapovan

Chanted, Vedas, Upanishads and did Dhyana

More they chanted, their doubts multiplied

They knew not from whom to get clarified.


Shiva, they approached and guidance prayed

To dispel their doubts arrayed

Lord agreed; bid them to assemble

They obeyed, a classroom to resemble.


Sat in teaching posture facing south

Old are students; teacher the youth

Adwaita was demonstrated amply

Right thumb holding index finger firmly


The Jiva got separated from attachments

Joined Param with worldly detachment

Saints and Sages got clarified, sitting south

Without uttering a word of mouth.


Dayananda Swami is the Chief Acharya

Dakshinamurthy is the Paramacharya

Arsha Vidya and aim for seva

Will perpetuate the Dharma and Satya.


-          Shared by Dr. Pa. Kuppuswamy



Adios Sardar of Spin