Pilgrimage to Palamalai: Aranganathar Temple Adventure

Coimbatore Makkaley! It's year-end, so don't make the mistake of sleeping through your weekends. Pack your hot "Arisi Paruppu Soru" with pickles and curd.

The Hills around Coimbatore are too fantastic to miss at this time of the year. One such place is Palamalai Aranganathar Temple, located 8 kms west of Periyanayakkanpalayam.

The Trekpoint at the base of the hill is closed due to an unfortunate incident that happened a few years back due to the Human-Elephant conflict. But you can tackle a few hairpin bends all the way to the top and reach the temple in your Car/Motorbike. The road is good for the most part. You might encounter a few pot holes. Nothing your car/bike cannot manage.

After seeking the divine grace of Palamalai AranganatharšŸ™šŸ½, one can enjoy a Hot cup of 'Sukku Coffee' and 'Ragi vadai' in a small and only snack outlet that's available there.

A Walk to the Temple "TheppaKulam" Pond which is about a kilometer away is thrilling to say the least. A huge Banyan tree near the pond and an old dilapidated mandapam under it, is a sight to see. A small stream of springwater flows next to the pond. Kids for sure would love it.

It's a Jungle, so please be as quiet as possible. Be kind and respectful to the locals. Don't litter. Avoid plastics. Don't stray too far from the temple, the Tusker might give you a one way ticket to Vaikuntam.

It's a memory you will cherish for a long time so take your loved ones along.

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