Poosalar & His Power of Thoughts

India is the land of Mystics and pioneers in Inner Engineering. A decade ago, the western world went crazy when they discovered the concept of how the power of one’s thoughts created their destiny.  This concept was labelled the “Law of Attraction” and was made popular by Rhonda Byrne through her famous book “The Secret”.  


Well in India, the Gurus and Sages have always known about the power of one’s thoughts. They have practiced and lived the very same concept from many centuries ago. One such great Saint of India who lived in the South was POOSALAR. He used his thoughts to build a magnificent temple complex for his Ishta Deivam – Shiva.  


Poosalar is an eight- century Nayanmar saint who lived in Thiruninravur (presently near Chennai City). During the Eight century, Thiruninravur belonged to Thondai Nadu which was ruled by the Famous Pallava King Raja Simha of South India.

 Poosalar was born in a poor Brahmin Family and he was a staunch devotee of Shiva. It was always his dream and passion to build a beautiful temple for his Ishta Deivam – Shiva. He was very upset that he did not have money to pursue his passion of building a temple. However, He never gave up hope and he slowly started to learn about every small element of constructing a temple. He read many Spiritual texts and learnt about the rules of building the temple. When he was well versed in this aspect he slowly started to plan the structures and other details of the temple.  


Finally, he chose an auspicious day and started the temple work by laying the foundation stone – in his mind (using only his strong and passionate thoughts). Every day he used to sit under the same tree, close his eyes and continued his work of building the temple through imagination. He travelled far and wide in his thoughts to procure the finest and the smoothest marbles and the best stones for his temple and he also spoke to the finest sculptors present in the kingdom to sculpt the Idols. He spent hours and hours under the same tree thinking and building the temple of his dream. He referred to many holy books and he finally chose an auspicious date for the “Kumbabhisekam” for his grand temple.  All this was done – in his mind (no physical structure was actually present).  


On the other hand, The Pallava king Raja Simha (also known as Narasimhavarman II) who was a Shiva Bhakt was also constructing a temple in Kanchipuram (This temple is identified now as the Kailasanathar Temple near Kanchipuram). This temple was huge and was ready for the  Kumbabhisekam or consecration. He requested his chief priest for the most auspicious date for the consecration ceremony and the priest had suggested the same date as fixed by Poosalar for his imaginary temple.


A few days before the rituals were to be performed, Lord Shiva appeared in the King’s dream and asked him to change the date of the consecration as Poosalar had already invited him for his temple’s ceremony.  The king was astounded with this dream and consulted his ministers and he was shocked to know that nobody in the kingdom knew of another temple being built so close to the temple, which he is building.  

The next day, King Raja Simha sent some of his men to find out about this beautiful temple that was built by Poosalar. The men came home empty handed as they did not find any such temple existing. Hence the king decided to visit Poosalar at Thiruninravur himself to enquire about the temple. King found Poosalar meditating under the Tree and stated the purpose of his visit and enquired Poosalar about his temple. 

Poosalar was shocked to hear about the King’s dream and told the king everything about his imaginary temple. The King was amazed to see the devotion of Poosalar and realized that the Poor Brahmin had such a big heart to accommodate the Lord in his heart.  The King immediately ordered his workmen to build the temple in the very place Poosalar had imagined the temple to be.  


The Temple was constructed just the way Poosalar had planned with the finest of materials and the best of the sculptors working on the idols and the structure.  

The Temple thus built was called “Hrithayaleeswarar Temple” and one can locate this temple even now at Thirunindravur near Chennai.  

 Some interesting facts:  

  • 1. The Kailasanathar Temple which King Raja Simha built is said to have many Sanskrit Verses and one such verse talks about the “heavenly voice without a body “ that the King heard and it is inferred that it is the voice of Lord Shiva  telling about Poosalar and the other temple.  

  • 2. Since Poosalar originally built this temple in his heart, patients of heart disease are said to throng this temple for cure of heart diseases.  


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