Positivity & Purusharthas

Everyone has to be positive in life. Positivity leads to contentment and happiness. It is easy to say “be happy” however it may take many years to achieve real happiness. 


The above point talks about the international scene and does not expound on our situation in India. Our country has a tradition wherein the goals of life are well defined. They are known as the ‘Purusharthas’ I.e., Dharma, Artha, Kama  and Moksha. Practically, Artha precedes the other three goals, for survival. However, righteousness or Dharma will help us to survive for eternity. Indulgence or Kama is a tool which aids in the acquisition of wisdom. Experience purchased through indulgence makes us a better person. This does not mean that one should acquire sinful habits, for they can destroy our character. 


In the Indian context, joy can be termed as KamaEnjoying a good life in all senses without harming others will fit the description. Of course, we should not harm ourselves too. Then what is Moksha? Is it liberation? And liberation from what?  

Moksha is a calm and blissful state. It need not be after-life but can be part of life itself for our scriptures say the soul is eternal. Now that we know there are goals to be realized, how do we move forward? 

We can move forward based on our day to day experience, good mentoring, and assimilation of knowledge found in our scriptures. We use the plural here simply because there is a large buffet of knowledge brought down to the ages. A good mentor will help us to pick out a balanced diet from this vast buffet and help us to be happy mentally and physically. 

While other cultures rest on little material, the Indian culture rests on an ocean of materials. No wonder, Lord Narayana is reclining comfortably on this ocean of knowledge. Was it not he who took the form of a fish to recover knowledge which was lost temporarily? 

The youngsters of today are presented with unique situations. They must weigh the pros and cons on one side while they work for their own survival. They are found in all parts of the world and may complain that it is not possible to acquire wisdom living in Timbuktu. This hurdle can be transcended with the aid of technology. Today, mentors and teachers are working round the clock for the purpose of sharing transcendental wisdom. The journey towards knowledge and wisdom is easy provided they begin it. 

Bharatiya wisdom is found in the form of books. The God given books are known as Srutis and the wisdom of man are recorded in the Smritis. Does it mean that we should begin with Vedas and learn it all! “Well, we can if we want to.” 

There is another easier option. One should identify a good teacher, and this should be based on the doubts that arise in mind and the questions that need answers. This is where the hand of God comes into play. Just as how a kind mother feeds her child on time, so also God sends the aspirer to the right Guru. 


The mentor protégé of the Guru-Shishya relationship will ensure that the DNA of Indian wisdom gets transferred comfortably. The youngster can Google search for a Guru and may find one. Otherwise a small journey to a sacred spot could help in a big way. He or She may be able to channelize the energy of the sojourn for the purpose of finding the right Guru. Knowledge from the Guru is sure to dispel the darkness of ignorance. Ignorance does not mean that the seeker is dumb. It talks about knowledge getting converted into wisdom. While knowledge is milk which has low shelf-life, wisdom is like ghee which can stay for a long time. The Guru helps in making this milk into ghee.


Therefore, youngsters should extort themselves and begin the quest. It can be 100 meters dasha marathon or a track strewn with hurdles, the presence of the guidance available will give the required energy to reach the destination, that is, attainment of the four Purusharthas: Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksha. It is up to the individual to seek the route and the mode of transportation. We must remember that beginning of the journey is the only hope for reaching the destination. Why this? Am I not happy? Am I not surviving? will rise in the mind. The youngsters must remember that they are at the dawn of life and therefore everything looks fine and good. It is better to be prepared than feeling sorry. Are we not taking investment policies and insurance plans into consideration for ensuring our safety? Similarly, you should also seek the right spiritual knowledge from the right guru to safeguard our soul for eternity. 

This short essay will hopefully ignite the youngster to seek the right path with the help of a good Guru. This is even more required in a world which is making use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The energy of the youth and their passion for acquiring the eternal wisdom will be the driving force for the future. It is time that everyone put their minds into it move forward. A journey with many seekers in the collective sense will be like the individual sparks that will add to the wealth of global wisdom.  


Adios Sardar of Spin