Recipe of the Month - Kandippu Idli (Kudumu) Podi

Ingredients required: 

1. Par Boiled Rice – 3 Cups 

2. Tuvar Dhal (Red Gram) – 1 Cup 

3. Salt – as required 

Ingredients for Tempering: 

1. Gingelly Oil – 1 Tbsp 

2. Cooking Oil (Unflavored preferably Sunflower Oil) – ½ Tbsp 

3. Few - Curry Leaves 

4. Asafetida Powder – A Pinch 

5. Green Chilies -  3 Nos. (Crushed) 

6. Mormilagai (Sun-dried Green Chilly soaked in buttermilk) – 3 Nos. (Torn into Pieces) 


Soak the rice and the dhal together for minimum 2 hours. Grind them coarsely (like white rava). Add salt and wait until the batter ferments overnight. 

Next day, mix the batter thoroughly. Steam cook the batter using an idli steamer for around 15 mins. Cool them completely. Then, crumble them using your palm or a mixer. 

Heat a deep, thick-bottomed tawa. Pour both the oils and add the mustard seeds. Leave it to pop and add the curry leaves. Add the chilly paste, mormilagai, and the asafetida powder. Lower the flame. Leave the mormilagai to darken. Add the crumbled idli into the tawa and stir till the mixture softens and add salt if required.