Recipe of the month - Naravallikkai Pickle

Naravallikai is an Indian vegetable. This is available at salem in large quantities. The vegetable is a delicacy and the locals make a very tasty pickle with the same. The pickle is stored for a long period of time. Most of the pickles are eaten with curd rice but the Naravallikai pickle is enjoyed with rasam rice. The Salem rasam is made with some interesting ingredients. The podi or powder used for making it adds to its taste. Naravallikai pickle and rasam rice make a fantabulous combination.

The pickle is made as per the method used by non agerian S.Chandrabai of salem. Chandrabai was born to N.V. Venkatasvamy (Kalar Abboi Chettiar) and Namagiri thayar of namakkal .She learnt to make delicious food from her mother-in-law(Swarnambal chinnikrishna chetty) and her mother.one pudupatti amma had accompanied her to salem post marriage. She was related to Chandra bai and had lost her husband during an early age.she was part of the family all her life. Chandra Bai was married to K.C.sampath kumar



1.Cumin powder-3 tbsps

2.Fenugreek seeds powder-2 tbsps

3.Asafoefida powder-1 spoon

4.Red chilly powder-50 gms

5.Salt-2 spoons lesser than 50 gms

6.Gingerly oil-150 ml

7.Naravallikai-2 padi


Wash and clean the naravallikai using the fresh water.

Wipe them clean with a kitchen towel

Using a clean hammer, gently hit each of the naravallikai,so that it slits open.

Scoop oil the seed using a clean,dry spoon.

In a large mixing bowl mix all the ingredients,except the oil.

Stuff the spice mixture into the opening of the naravallaikai.

Repeat this process for all the remaining pieces.