Relook Times Introduction

Every decade from the origin of the first Tamil film, “Harishchandra”, started witnessing changes. There was once popular silent films then came the black and white era, followed by the colour. The features depicted in films kept changing to suit the contemporary audience at every point of time.

Centuries after its emergence, there were queues of films that awaited for its official release. People were confused and are, at all points in history “what to watch?” Though the depictions changed in many films but the theme remained unchanged. The oldies were philosophical and carried a meaning with them but the latest focus on glamour. It is purely in our hands to select what to watch.

Soon people showed interest to know the story of films before watching. They started counting on film reviews. But the oldies lacked this feature as they were actor-centric.

This attempt is to look back at the oldies and to understand the real worth of the film based on the content not in the portrayal. This section would recommend olden films which would satiate your mind and help you enhance your spiritual connect rather only on glamour and pleasure.

Have a meaningful watch!



Adios Sardar of Spin

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