RuVe – Weaving a Magic

They say necessity is the mother of invention, it is true for innovation, re-engineering and re-design. Identifying the need and developing a product is core to development in any field. Meet Divya Aditya and Sandhya Ram, two young mothers who identified the need for “Womb like Comfort” for their newborns and have set out to develop an entire range of Comfort wear for babies and infants. They have gone to the core of manufacturing in baby apparel and accessories and developed comfort fabric in the most technical and yet sustainable and responsible manner. Divya is a computer science engineer and Sandhya was running a boutique and both were friends, time is a great matchmaker, both being friends were married around the same time and became mothers, it is then they started exchanging notes on the early developmental stages their babies were taking.

Nothing can beat Indian mothers when it comes to giving care to their little ones. Both of them identified what is a common problem or never seen as a problem – that after swaddling the babies they sleep well for some time and then again, the babies wake up after sometime once the swaddling is dislodged. This set the engineers in them thinking. The answer was the texture of the fabric and temperature. Being passionate about babies and of Coimbatore origin it was quite natural to have an engineering bent of mind and the product in need here was Textile related, so the challenge ahead of these Ladies was simple yet unchartered territory for them.

This is when they decided that they are not going to launch a quality product with drab designing or poor branding which is sometimes the need for a good product to succeed. They decided their product will be a Brand, and will represent India proudly in the world of fashion for babies, toddlers and infants.

RuVe was born.

They decided to call their brand RuVe – a name derived from their babies, Rudhran & Veer. For RuVe these mothers left no stone unturned for months together went around meeting textile engineers, technical personnel, pediatricians, farmers, weaving experts, fabric manufacturers to get the best blend out which delivers, comfort, temperature regulation, softness, moisture absorption in short delivering “Womb Like Comfort” outside the womb.

For a range branded SquiriTails from RuVe they have identified Bamboo as the fabric instead of cotton with a unique weave pattern exclusively woven for RuVe offering all attributes relating to baby comfort. They have gone the extra mile in sourcing ultra-soft cotton with ethnic Indian design patterns that are very earthy, colorful and have a signature design. While catching up with them Divya said, “Not only comfort, we also want to showcase our rich tradition and science involved in our textiles, we want to see India lead and not follow in the world of fashion, more so for infants”. So true, Indian textile industry is age old or perhaps one of the oldest in the world, both Divya & Sandhya have the passion to revive it by parts and showcase what India can offer to the world through a sustainable and responsible manner.

A Grandson, Husband and Father of Two, S Jaganathan, is one of the Director's of The Verandah Club. He is an avid traveller, interested in trendspotting and a firm believer in the philosophy - Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitah.

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