Sacred Celebration at Patti Vinayagar Temple: Ayodhya Special

Residents of IOB Colony, Marudamalai, Coimbatore, gathered in large numbers this morning at the Patti Vinayagar temple for a momentous occasion to celebrate the Ayodhya Ram idol Prana Pratishta. Organized by Arshavidyalaya Marudamalai, the event unfolded with a spirit of religious fervor and devotion.

The air was filled with the harmonious sounds of special prayers and bhajans, resonating as scores of children and women participated enthusiastically, singing and dancing with kavadi. The ceremony, overseen by Swami Gameshaswaroopananda Saraswati, was a testament to the unity and shared spirituality of the community.

Following the vibrant performances, special prayers were offered to the temple's Vinayagar, accompanied by the distribution of Prasadam. Additionally, each family received a thoughtful gift of five clay diyas, symbolizing the light that will shine during the Ram idol Pran Pratshta ceremony. The occasion radiated a sense of joy and reverence, bringing together the community in celebration and devotion.

Dear Readers, we invite you to share the joy of Ayodhya Prana Pratishta celebrations at your homes and temples. Your stories and experiences hold immense significance, contributing to the collective spirit of devotion. Kindly send your accounts, photos, and any unique rituals observed during this auspicious occasion to [email protected]. Let's come together and share the divine energy that resonates in our diverse celebrations. Your contributions will be appreciated and cherished. Thank you for being a part of this shared faith and celebration.

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