Saiva Siddhantham with Relevance to the Changing World

On thinking about the ocean of materials that we are surrounded with and our indulgences with the things, there arises a lot of questions in one’s mind. One of the common questions has been addressed here.  

“There is so much of materialism and consumerism in today’s world, how can the right balance between material needs and spirituality be achieved?”

If one was to think that contentment is in amassing a fortune, they will be disillusioned very quickly.

If we trace back our customs to a few hundred years ago, we will realize that most of it were very eco-friendly, generating less waste and more focused on having basic comforts. People were not wired down by the gadgets, and they led relatively simple uncomplicated lives.

For example, today no one ever buys a watch to know the time because then you need only one. It has become an accessory to dressing and a statement to be made. Our purchases are not based on need. The vast array of available materials makes one confused. It is as if we are driven towards consumerism even without understanding the kind of life it leads us into.

Technology has enhanced the quality of life concerning mundane affairs but sadly; the same cannot be said about enhancing the quality of people. Most of the current wants dulls the intelligence and are practically an assault on the senses. Unless a definite line can be drawn to demarcate greed and need, the present trend will only lead us to an uncontrolled indulgence of the senses resulting in anarchy.

“There is enough for everyone’s need, not for everyone’s greed.”

                                             - Mahatma Gandhi

Simple living and high thinking were the way of life for our ancestors. Following their footsteps, it is possible not to get ensnared in the ever-increasing materialistic tendency that prevails today. The right balance can be achieved by awareness of oneself.

“Is material success alone an indication of achievement?”

The fact that the question has to be answered brings out the impact money has on today’s life. It is true that most of the people glorified today by the media are the ones who have achieved material success. Material success alone cannot be a true indicator of achievement. It has to be accompanied by benevolence and a spirit of service.

While materialism is on the rise, there are a whole lot of people who are working with a different world view. We see many youths in the prime of their life, renouncing their corporate jobs and taking up service-oriented careers. It is not uncommon to see professionals pursuing a spiritual path or setting up voluntary organizations.

Although most of these achievements are not being highlighted enough and recognized by everyone, there is a very strong force that is emerging. The youth have the freedom backed by knowledge and information.

It is these people who are going to shape the destiny of tomorrow’s world following the footsteps of our great leaders and thinkers.

So, it is up to everyone to assess what talent they possess and discover themselves as people. The circle becomes complete only when there is an active contribution and participation to the world around us.

(to be continued...)


Adios Sardar of Spin