Sanjay Kondaas: Pioneering Solar Innovation and Business Excellence

As we arrived to interview Sanjay Kondaas, a notable figure in the solar power industry, we were welcomed by him, with a simple, unassuming attire bearing his company logo—a quiet yet powerful symbol of his unwavering dedication. The room buzzed with the constant ring of phone calls and the hum of his tireless work ethic. His demeanor was plain and unpretentious, yet his presence commanded attention. Sanjay’s answers were crisp and straightforward, each word carrying the weight of his journey and vision. The energy in the room was palpable, driven by his relentless pace and clear focus. This is the Sanjay Kondaas we encountered: a man whose simplicity belies the depth of his ambition, a steadfast entrepreneur who embodies the essence of determination and clarity.

Entrepreneur of the year award by CMA ( coimbatore management association ) for the year 2022

Combined with a strong entrepreneurial spirit with a commitment to sustainability, his journey from a sales representative to the founder of Kondaas Automation is both inspiring and instructive. Sanjay Kondaas grew up in a farming family and always faced financial constraints on a few occasions. He recalls, "At times during my school and college days, the shortage of money was felt, and I longed for achieving financial independence both for myself and my family members." This desire for financial independence pushed him towards entrepreneurship, a path he saw as the key to not only personal success but also societal respect.

Team Kondaas

After earning a bachelor's degree in computer science, Sanjay took up a job as a sales representative selling basic electronics in Coimbatore. His natural flair for sales quickly became apparent. "As a salesman, I was way ahead of my peers and from the very beginning, I sensed both a deep interest in the job as well as a natural flair for it," Sanjay recalls.

In 1995, leveraging his experience and keen understanding of the market, Sanjay launched Kondaas Automation. Initially, the company focused on sales and services of air conditioners to begin with and graduated to products like UPS systems, inverters, and batteries. Sanjay's deep understanding of customer needs and the business environment allowed him to expand quickly. By 1999, Kondaas Automation had grown to include product assembling and packaging, launching its own branded products. In a recent interview, Sanjay shared more about his journey and insights into the industry. Reflecting on his initial ventures, he said, "I started the company because I wanted to make money, but over time, I realized the importance of sustainability and creating a lasting impact. Although there were a few popular brands in the markets, the customers were largely interested in local suppliers that gave them better value for money and more importantly, on-time servicing, spares, and maintenance," Sanjay explained.

Receiving The first cheque from the electricity minister Of Kerala Shri.Mr.Krishnankutty in the

presence of the director Mr.R.Suku and SNO Mr.Madhulal for successful completion of Soura S1

project in the state of Kerala in 2021

Sanjay's ambitions evolved over time. "After the initial years when the focus was purely about making money, my ambition in business gradually evolved and I sensed the importance of building an organization that stands the test of time, outlives my lifetime, and serves society in meaningful ways," he said. “Pain is a force that will beget great things if driven in a right direction”. This vision led him to explore the burgeoning solar power market. He also discussed the challenges faced, such as competition and market dynamics. "There was a competitor who priced their products so low that it was unviable for us," he noted, highlighting the importance of adaptability in business.

EQ's Surya Con Coimbatore Conference + Tamil Nadu State Annual Solar Awards in 2023

In 2003, Kondaas Automation ventured into solar energy, launching a line of solar products that included water heaters, street lights, and hybrid inverters. By 2013, Kondaas had established Tamil Nadu's first solar power experience center in Coimbatore, which showcased their products and operated entirely on solar energy. "India is working hard to reduce dependence on Chinese imports for solar components, and we're making significant strides," he said.

Sanjay's philosophy extends far beyond business. He has created the "Kondaas Way of Life," a framework built on four pillars: health, wealth, relationships, which is built on a concept he calls the "surrender phase." "The key to conquering health lies in mastering these core principles: exercise, self discipline, diet, and meditation," Sanjay explains. When it comes to wealth, he emphasizes the importance of finding fulfilling work. This passion, combined with consistent effort, a capable team, and mastery of your craft, fuels a compounding effect that leads to financial success. But for true radiating happiness, according to Kondaas, wealth needs to be interwoven with strong relationships built on PROMPT Always, Truly DEPENDABLE, QUALITY First, HIGH on ENERGY

Won the proud winner of Solar System Integrator of the Year- Residential" at SolarQuarter State

Business Meet –TamilNadu 2023

Despite his hectic schedule, Sanjay Kondaas carves out time for his passion for music. He is actively learning music, finding that it not only brings him peace of mind but also enhances his ability to communicate effectively. In addition to his business endeavors, Sanjay is dedicated to mentoring the youth, offering personality training that includes effective speech techniques. He believes that singing significantly improves his communication skills, allowing him to connect more deeply with others. "We're also into farming, growing bananas, coconuts, and arecanuts and I'm passionate about integrating sustainable practices into all our ventures," he shared.

We eagerly posed the question, “What is money?” With a thoughtful pause, he rephrased it, “How much money is enough?” and proceeded to answer. “Money gives you freedom. So, how much money an individual needs to achieve freedom depends on themselves. I believe having enough to live comfortably and pursue one's passions is ideal.”

Kondaas sponsored CPL 2024 Season 12 Winner(Team Adani)

Sanjay Kondaas's perspective on money reflects his journey from seeing it as an end to understanding it as a means to achieve greater purposes. Initially driven by a desire for financial independence and stability, Sanjay's primary goal was to amass as much wealth as possible. Over time, his outlook evolved. He began to view money not just as an end in itself but as a tool for building a sustainable business and contributing to society.

A recognition by the former governor his Highness Mr.Banwarilal purohit for having executed good no

of Residential projects in Tamilnadu 2016

Sanjay emphasizes the importance of financial discipline, advising entrepreneurs to monitor their finances closely and ensure controlled, well-managed spending. He advocates for a process-oriented approach in business, including efficient financial management, to ensure consistent and sustainable growth. Sanjay believes that having sufficient money provides the freedom to choose one’s path without being compelled to do something undesirable, allowing for greater flexibility and control over life and business decisions. He underscores the significance of investing in the right people and systems to maximize financial efficiency and achieve long-term goals. Ultimately, he views money as a tool for freedom, enabling choices that align with one's values and aspirations.

Sanjay Kondaas delivering a lecture at PSG College of Technology

Sanjay Kondaas speaks with profound reverence about his grandfather, Kondaswamy Naidu, the man who laid the inspiration to Sanjay Kondaas. Kondaswamy Naidu was a man of minimalism, a man of humble beginnings who possessed an unyielding spirit and a remarkable work ethic. He was known for his unwavering dedication, integrity, and work ethic, qualities that he imparted to his family through his actions rather than words. He believed in the power of persistence, the importance of doing one’s best in every situation, and the value of living a life guided by principles.

Sanjay Kondaas' story is a testament to the power of vision, adaptability, and commitment to sustainability. From a young man driven by financial need to a business leader making significant contributions to clean energy, his journey offers valuable lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs. As Sanjay puts it, "Start small, take risks, and ensure that you are in control. Process orientation and adaptability are key to success."

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