Science behind Vastu & Principles of Vastu Shastra – V

Cardinal directions & Logical Reasoning

Previously, we discussed the cardinal directions, the symbolic Gods that are believed to rule them and the preferred rooms to be designed, as per Vastu. We have also understood that the Sun emits two types of rays; Ultraviolet (UV) and Infrared. These rays have various effects on the human body and environment. This is one of the basic principles of the Vastu Shastra, to ensure that the inmates of a house are exposed to the useful rays of sunlight, even if they are inside the house the whole day. However, during a day, people perform different activities in different rooms at different times and the Sun’s position keeps changing from sunrise to sunset. So, to ensure that the inmates are exposed to sunlight constantly, each room should be positioned such that it faces the Sun, at that time of the day, when it is most likely to be used. 

Therefore, the 24 hours of 1 solar day are divided into eight parts, which are associated with the eight cardinal directions. In each of these eight periods, the Sun is positioned in one of the cardinal directions. So that the room which is most likely to be used during that period, is in that direction.  

Let us now discuss the other three directions and the sub-directions in the similar manner.  

North (Uttara): Governed by the God of Wealth, Kubera. The North direction is associated with career-luck or the flow of income with regards to the stability in career. It is associated with the growth and development in one’s professional life. North is associated with overall prosperity and comfort. It is the best direction for conducting all the business transactions.  

Logical Reasoning – Being in the Northern hemisphere near the equator, our country gets constant light from the North throughout the year. Therefore, maximum open spaces should be planned in the North direction, so that there is constant light in the house. Thus, it helps in saving a lot of mechanical energy. More open spaces like gardens/lawns, main entrance door, living rooms etc. can be placed in this direction. Placing the living room next to the main door will thus help in entertaining the outsiders for the business transactions.

South (Dakshina): Governed by God of Death, Yama. The South is the direction having the sun in the first half of the day and hence an ideal time to complete our work. It can be the office work or the study time for the students.

Logical Reasoning – The Sun is in this direction between 9 am to noon. Therefore, it is the best direction to work and hence the ideal direction to have offices and the children’s bedroom. By noon, the intensity of the heat is high and so this is also a good direction to have the storerooms, staircase block and bedrooms. The high intensity of sun will cause heat which will help this direction to be moisture-free and hence germ-free.

Northeast (Eeshanya): Governed by the Supreme God. It is a zone of mental peace. Hence, it is important that this area is clear of toilets, kitchen and storeroom. This is perfect direction for the meditation or prayer room. A family lounge or even a yoga room can be placed here. The more clutter-free this zone, the more stress-free your life. This is also suitable for having an open space, water source etc.

Logical Reasoning – Since the Northeast corner gets constant sunlight throughout the year from the North and morning sunlight from the East, it is preferred to have ample open space in this direction so that allow unobstructed sunlight into the abode. In the ancient times the only water resources were the open wells. It was believed that since the morning sunlight has germicidal UV rays, the water resources should be in this direction.

The Sun is in the Northeastern part of the house just before the dawn i.e., between 3:00 am and 6:00 am. This is the ideal time for the morning prayers, meditation/yoga etc. Hence, the ideal place to create a meditation/puja room in this direction.

These directions, because of their elements, are suitable for certain activities and unsuitable for some. If the zones are not tended to properly and the right activity is not allocated to the right zone while designing the space, we feel the negative effects of the imbalanced energies in our lives. Therefore, it is important to understand what each direction should be used for to create an environment of prosperity.

(To be continued...)

I am an Architect, Interior Designer and a Vastu Consultant, with more than a decade of experience in conceptualization, designing and construction of diverse architectural projects. An alumnus of IIT-Roorkee, I have a thorough background in architecture and interior designing with expertise in directing all project phases. My passion towards architecture inspires me to keep learning about various new trends yet following the age old traditions.

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