Sehwag Tales - Chapter 1

Vijayamadevi was sitting inside the palace rubbing her pregnant belly, knitting miniature dolls, ignoring the noise of cannons and artillery bombing outside the castle, whispering to the little Sehwag inside, “we are safe my perfect gem boy… No harm will come to you when your mom is around… Shall I tell you how I met your father?” Her face was full of fear yet a prune of confidence over the corners of her lips. A drop of tears ran down her cheeks from the left eye and fell into the swollen belly. “Shush…” She patted the kicking Sehwag.”We met at my swayamwara. Your father was one among many kings who desired your mother at the grand hall…” Suddenly the doors were banged open. King Kachandha entered with his white cape turned red. The armour around his chest that bore the carved emblem of tusks was filled in its edges with blood. Royal guards of Yemangadha followed King Kachandha, closed the doors and blocked it from inside. Vijayamadevi managed to stand up in an urge holding the stomach in one hand balancing onto the royal tables. She was terrified to see her man in blood. “Who can do this to you?”

“The walls of Yemangadha have been breached. The neonate snake that we have been raising as our own offspring has spilled its venom. Kattiyankaar betrayed us and let the foreign forces in. I don’t have time to explain. The Vimana is ready for you on the balcony. Fly to your country and seek refuge with your father. Protect our son…”

Vijayamadevi was not prepared for that day. She couldn’t see her husband in such a state. But she was wise enough to understand how much the safety of the child in her womb mattered to the kingdom of Yemangadha. Kachandha handed over a royal ring to her and said, “Raise him strong”.

“It is all because of me. I insisted you take a break from the courtly life. I am the reason you made Kattiyankaar as an interim King” Her eyes shivered and teeth muttered as she spoke.

“No… No honey…” He held her cheeks, placed his forehead onto hers. ”You are the reason Yemangadha is going to bear a beautiful prince.” A pinch of smile bloomed on his lips while the eyes still cried over pain. “He will set everything straight. Now go!”

“You can come with us.”

“Yemangadha needs me”, breathing heavily, “I have a war waiting outside.” The royal guards were outnumbered to block the doors being dashed from the other end. The pregnant Vijayamadevi passed the exit to the balcony promptly sliding the curtains, the scent of blood and smoke entered her nostrils, dead bodies scattered around the castle, impossible to differentiate supporters and traitors. Kattiyankaar had done a lot of inside work. There stood her pet yazhi in the balcony, huge and ethereal, with the white yet bloodied tusks on either side across the eagle like beaks and red eyes. It had the mane of the lion and the tail of the snake. Grr!! It rushed its monstrous frame into the doors before Vijayamadevi seized its leather buckle to recede. “Sujanthana, We have a future to secure” said she, looking into its eyes, freezing the tears from reaching the soil. The yazhi benevolently leaned against the floor, Vijayamadevi mounted onto it, after which it spread its ghostly wings, swooped and disappeared into the sky. She held onto the dagger in her waist in one hand, the royal ring on the other and never looked back. 

The doors were broken and a man of huge frame, broad shoulders, protruding chest and swirled moustache entered with a villainous laugh. He crossed open a royal guards chest from bottom to top in a single swing, kicked the other in the chest while the sword sliced his head, threw it away from the body. “It’s time for you to die effeminate scum.”

“I will never let your desires win.” Kachandha swung his sword towards Kattiyankaar’s shoulders with one hand while his other hand stopped the dripping blood from his stomach. Kattiyankaar effortlessly escaped the blow and stamped on Kachandha’s sword yielding hand. “I am now reconsidering the idea of arresting you.” He kicked him on his chest. Kachandha fell down from the kick as he threw up a lot of blood. “I curse you! Yemangadha will never be yours.”

“Yemangadha has always been mine, you scum.” He kicked him in the stomach again. 

“I waged wars for it. I protected it. I ruled it. And now I'm taking over what’s rightfully mine.” He let his sword slowly enter Kachandha’s throat. 


“I don’t like those who curse. It is for the powerless. Die….!!!!”


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