Snacks of the Month

Enippu Murukku (Sweet Murukku)

(From the Palace Kitchen of Samathur)


The Samathur Palace of Pollachi taluk, Coimbatore district is part of our living heritage. We must remember the Vanavarayars for their rich contribution towards our history.

This 2000 year old family was associated with all the major Empires. They were Polygars during the Vijayanagar Era and became Zamindars during the European interregnum.

The family continues to add to the flavour of the region. All the recipes belonging to this Palace have been documented well by the descendants. The Zamindars and their families have worked hard to preserve the heritage.

Marudapushpam Ammal, the consort of the Zamindar was known to be a gracious host. Ramaraj Vanavarayar was known for his interest in Rekhla races and his younger brother Krishnaraj Vanavarayar is the Chairman of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan , Coimbatore .

The Verandah Club is very happy to share this Palace recipe with its readers.


  1. Par Boiled Rice (Raw) - 1kg.
  2. Jaggery – ¼ kg.
  3. Cooking Oil – ½ litre.
  4. Salt – as required.
  5. Black Gram Dhal – 200g.
  6. Roasted Bengal Gram – 300g.


  1. Wash the rice and soak it for 2 hours. 
  2. Grind it to a smooth paste.
  3. Heat a pan and dry fry the dhal until it turns brown. 
  4. Powder the fried dhal and roasted Bengal Gram together.
  5. Mix the above ground powder, salt, and the ground rice paste with little water and it into a stiff dough (like Poori dough).
  6. Heat oil for frying the Murukkus.
  7. Take the stiff dough, put it in the Murukku mould and squeeze out small murukkus into the oil directly. 
  8. Leave it to cook, wait for it to turn golden brown, remove it from the frying pan, and cool it in a platter.
  9. Take another pan, heat water and jaggery till a string consistency is reached. 
  10. Remove from fire and pour it on the murukkus.
  11. Cool the Sweet Murukkus before storing it in an airtight container.