Social Cause – Construction of Sri Prasanna Anjaneya Swami Temple

Sanatana dharma is a way of life. It was born in India and has made India flourish. The various schools of thoughts connected with the Sanatana dharma had given birth to numerous philosophical works. A number of philosophers have written treatises on the Brahmasutra, this happens to be the primary text for the practitioners of Sanatana dharma. Therefore, India is known as the fountainhead of philosophies.

The Brahmasutra had been interpreted by a number of eminent philosophers. Adi Shankara, Ramanuja, and Madhva happened to be the most well-known amongst them. Saint Madhvacharya was the most recent amongst the three of them and he was the torch bearer of the Dvaita philosophy (Dualism). His treaties on the Brahmasutra is known as the ‘Anandatheertha Bhashya.’ The great Madhva was well known as Poornapragnya.

Centuries passed-by and his followers further elucidated the work of Madhvacharya. The most prominent were Jayatheertha and Vyasaraja. Practitioners of the Dvaita School of thought go through the works of Madhvacharya, Jayatheertha, and Vyasaraja. Therefore, they are known as the Munitraya of the Dvaita School of Thought – Madhvamuni, Jayamuni, and Vyasamuni.

Saint Vyasaraja lived during the glorious years of the Vijayanagar empire and he was the Rajaguru of emperor Sri Krishna Deva Raya. The great saint had also served Lord Venkataramana at Thirumala for about 12 years. He had installed 732 icons of Hanuman during his period. These icons were distributed all over the country and had made our country sacred even further.

A number of good Samaritans are taking up the task of identifying and restoring the shrines connected with these 732 icons of Lord Hanuman. Now, a group of devotees have come forward to build a new shrine for Sri Prasanna Anjaneya Swami at Andhra Pradesh. A 500-year-old Vyasaraja Prathistitha Anjaneya Swami idol was being worshipped. Late Sri. Dharmavaram Srinavas Rao was involved in the celebration of Hanumath Jayanthi along with the residents of Nellipatla, a Grahma Panchayat, in the Baireddipalle Mandal of Chittur district, Andhra Pradesh. The idol was shifted to the village in 1995 for the purpose of facilitating Nithya pooja (Daily worship).

The idol was first placed in a temporary shed on a land spared for the purpose. Later, a sanctum sanctorum was constructed in 1997. The surroundings were cleaned and leveled-up thereafter. However, the construction of a full-fledged temple for the deity, to enable nithya pooja and to host people for festivities, especially the grand and well-attended Hanumath Jayanthi, has been long over due.

The temple is being managed by the family members of late D. Srinivasa Rao. Presently, the fourth-generation members of the family are looking into the weekly pooja up-keeping and also conducting the Annual Hanumath Jayanthi celebration.

The members have felt the need to take up the temple construction in stages. It has been envisaged to complete the project by going through three or four phases. They have got a construction and elevation plan ready. The first phase of construction including, foundation works, raising pillars, and casting the roof of the main hall surrounding the existing Garbhagudi (Sanctum) is expected to cost ₹40 Lakhs. The work will hopefully be completed by the April of 2022. With generous contributions from the members, they have been able to a raise an encouraging 40 percent to 50 percent of the estimated cost of the first phase.

However, there will still be a need to raise the rest of the amount by seeking contributions from everyone. The master plan and the proposed elevation have been enclosed for the perusal of the readers.

Kindly consider the fervent appeal and donate generously in aid of this dharmic venture. Find below, the details of how you can help through online transfer.

An offering towards this noble project is sure to add peace, joy and good health to the dharmic souls concerned. Lord Hanuman is known to bless his followers with all the 16 forms of wealth.

Acc. Name: Shubha H R

Acc. No.: 845910110002386

IFSC: BKID0008459

Bank: Bank of India

Branch: Vidyaranyapura, Bengaluru

For donations in cash/kind and for any queries, please contact: 99729 89040, 94814 40429, 90009 76051. 

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