Sri Krishna on Hrudaya Simhasana of Mathura

“Let’s make the Supreme, Lord Krishna sit in the throne of our heart!” 

In the city of Mathura, Vasudeva and Devaki were imprisoned in the dark prisons. Incarnating as Sri Krishna, Lord Narayana himself manifested as the eighth child to the couple.


One day, Devaki’s brother, the tyrant ruler of Vrishni kingdom, Kamsa gets an intuition that the eighth child born of Devaki and Vasudeva would slay him. So, he begins to ruthlessly murder each of the babies born to the couple. Lord Mahavishnu understanding the situation replaces the seventh fetus of Devaki, i.e., Balarama, with that of Rohini, other wife of Vasudeva who is the incarnation of Goddess Durga herself. On a night, the eighth child, none other than Lord Vishnu with his holy conch, chakra, mace, and lotus flowers gets birth as, Sri Krishna with the Vaishnavite representation of Naama on his foreheadSri Krishna speaks intuitively to Vasudeva to interchange the child with that of Nandagopa and Yashodha on the same night.  


The child born to Nandagopa and Yashodha was none but Goddess Mahalakshmi. According to intuition, the children of both the couples were interchanged. The cruel Kamsa took the child to be the eight one and kills it mercilessly by dashing it against a basalt rock. Immediately there sounded a roar of laughter and rose a spirit of Maata Durga. She said notoriously to Kamsa, “The child born to kill you is not here but somewhere in the earth.” Soon after hearing this, Kamsa was terrified and sent his soldiers to kill all the children born at that time in the vicinity. 


“At that moment, Kamsa resembled a terrorist of this Kaliyuga! 

All the Rakshasha-s including Poothana, went after one another to kill Sri Krishna. But contrary things, began to happen. Everyone was killed by Sri Krishna tempting them to fall for his Lila VinodhamAt last Naradha revealed the truth to Kamsa. 

Without sparing a moment after Naradha revealed the truth, Kamsa sends Akrura to invite Balarama and Sri Krishna for a duel. Accepting the invitation, they came along with Akrura in the chariot. On entering the city of Mathura, Sri Krishna began to exhibit his Lila-s in order to show that he is the direct manifestation of Sriman Narayana himself. 


In the duel, Sri Krishna defeated all the fighters and finally slayed Kamsa by stamping him out of existence. Sri Krishna royally sat in the throne of Mathura and made Ugrasena the next king. 

The whole story is an allegory, related to us. It is essential even for us to make Krishna take the throne of Mathura city. This is important in our life of Sadhana. It reveals everyone a Taatparya. 

Our whole body is the city of Mathura with nine entries and exists. It includes eyes, mouth, ears, nose, anus, and phallus. Leaving out all these, our heart still remains a royal throne. 

All our bodies are like the Mathura city. There is a Kamsa reigning us seated on the royal throne of our heart. This Tattva has been revealed by great masters like Anantha Theertha Bhagavad Paadachariyar, Vadirajar (who followed the former’s lineage), Sathya Dharma Theerthar etc.  

All the Abhimani devatas and devils of our mind take charge and perform the actions. The demon in charge of our desires is Kalanemi and the Devata in charge is Manmadhan. Kalanemi prompts us to do evil things by pursuing evil desires while Manmadhan suggests all good actions to be performed. Several saints, like Raghavendra, Jaganatha Dasar etc., have revealed it in their books and speeches. 

Like how demon Kalanemi born as Kamsa rules and causes destruction to the city of Mathura, the evil thoughts in our mind destructs our glorious lives.  

Like how the demon Kamsa caused destruction to the whole city of Mathura, he sits in the royal throne of our heart and kindles all bad feelings of jealous, greediness, desire for possessions, etc. 

Bad desires are the root cause of all our sufferings


The Mathura only turns sweet, when Kamsa is expelled, and Sri Krishna is made to sit in the throne. For Sri Krishna to enter our hearts, Kamsa must make the exit. In order to make this possible, we must earnestly pray by invoking Him through Poojas, constantly listening to His glories, chanting his auspicious names, taking pilgrimage to His places, and intaking only the Prasad (usually food) offered to him. If we are ready to invoke Sri Krishna through any of these means, then Sri Krishna for sure is to occupy our hearts. 


              Sarvam Sri Krishnaarpanamasthu!

               (A Talk by Sri. Lakshmipathy Raja) 

               Transcribed by T. R. Surya


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