Summa Oru Coffee


Beverages are supplements to our regular diet. Consumption of the same has been prevalent from time immemorial. Long before the advent of Tea and Coffee in the Indian Subcontinent, the South Indians used to savour Sukku Coffee as their regular beverage. Many households used to prepare the ingredients from their respective houses. The undivided family of those days consisted of daughters-in-law, mother-in-law, grandmother-in-law, aunts, relatives, etc. Cooking as well as the maintenance of the household was participatory and was full of camaraderie.

Members of the family were far more secure than today. All the children in a household were children of every mother in the house. Women used to sit around, cook, clean, and tie flowers during the day. This was accompanied with storytelling, history, and discussions on facts of life. Unfortunately, the joint families of today have been replaced by nuclear families.

While one has to progress technologically, the fact is that coexistence and fellowship form the bedrock of humanity. It should never be forgotten. This recipe is but a nostalgic reminder of the golden era of our own people.


  1. Sukku (Dry Ginger) – 1 no. (2” piece)
  2. Coriander Seed – ½ kg
  3. Nutmeg – ½ of a nut
  4. Poppy Seed – 100 gms

Procedure for the Coffee Mixture

Dry & fry all the ingredients separately in a pan till it becomes completely hot. Leave it to cool and finely powder all the ingredients together in a mixer.

Procedure to Make the Coffee

Heat a glass of milk with an ounce of water. Add a teaspoon of the coffee power (Or filtered coffee extracts) along with the powdered coffee mixture and a teaspoon of sugar (optional) to the boiling milk. Leave it to boil in low flame for 2 – 3 minutes. Filter the coffee with a fine muslin cloth or porous filter before serving.

Health Benefits

  1. Prevention of cold, cough, and dry cough.
  2. Increases the appetite and helps in digestion.
  3. This coffee is normally consumed after the age of three.