Take me home to Kashi

Kashi is transcendental and the time spent was so magical. As the holy water of the Ganges finds its way and moves ahead, so does the circle of life & death, symbolising the journey of the inner self - to seek higher goals for a greater cause, a truth far away from mundane actions.

Beyond rituals, Kashi is a celebration of faith and the purpose of life. Transcending physical landmarks and places of worship that are as old as time, Kashi inspires inner exploration and to seek deeper truths to physical existence which is rooted in impermanence. Change is the only constant as one reflects looking at the various hues that Ganga Ji takes as she flows at various speeds through the day and a bit slower at night as glaciers feel the sun's rays. One just understands the importance of the two Panchabhootas (five elements of life in Sanatana Dharma - https://theverandahclub.com/article/pancha-bhootas-its-concentrated-places-156) - Fire & Water – a truth so profoundly experienced sitting on the ghats. Perhaps a wisdom our ancestors knew it all well and had mastered the art of living one with nature and at peace.

Ganga Ji was everything I had imagined, the pristine Ganges at night unveils a serene spectacle, as moonlight dances upon the tranquil waters. The sacred river, embraced by ancient cultural significance, reflects a mystic ambiance beneath the star-studded canvas. Silhouettes of ghats and temples along the riverbanks stand as silent witnesses to several centuries of devotion, while the gentle rustling of the winter breeze harmonizes with distant temple bells, creating an enchanting symphony.

The Kashi corridor is truly amazing

For its cleanliness,

For its architecture

For it blends – with the past.

Worship and rituals are one part,

but being at peace is all together -

A different feeling.

Amidst all chaos,

There were instances,

I had to pinch myself to believe,

That – I existed.

A life-changing experience,

After all, life is but a metaphor.

Equilibrium – as good as it gets.

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Grandson, Husband and Father of Two, S Jaganathan - is the Founder of The Verandah Club. Convenor INTACH Coimbatore Chapter. He is an avid traveller, interested in trendspotting and a firm believer in the philosophy - Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitah.

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