The Beginning…’Aarambh’

         In this section we will be bringing new series of topics pertaining to the versatility of the art, architecture, culture and traditions, from various parts of our country. There will be enormous articles on internet and various resources, so how will our articles be different from them. They will not be different but of course, they will be interesting as they will be from the perspective of a common man, the end user.


         Have we ever thought what a common man aspires? They aspire for a beautiful home, a well to do lifestyle, health, and prosperity. Where do these come from? One would be the hard work that we put in to achieve it. But this cannot be the only reason to achieve a life we dream for. There can be numerous factors for it. Let us discuss one such important factor which is considered necessary from our ancient times, Vastu Shastra for prosperity.


         All of us would have heard about Vastu Shastra and would have a basic know-how of it. I am an Architect and will try to explain it from what I have perceived. Vastu Shastra is an ancient science which lays down the basic rules for designing and constructing a building. It also helps in bringing harmony between human, built environment and nature. Some people think that it is a superstition but for me it is an equally important aspect to be considered while designing a space.

         We all know that the universe is in complete equilibrium and balance of all the cosmic forces around it. Now if we try to insert something in a space, the overall equilibrium of these forces in that space is shifted. So, when we start a construction, we should keep all these forces under consideration and this can be achieved, to an extent, by applying the guidelines of Vastu Shastra. Buildings built according to Vastu Shastra principles are considered to vibrate with ‘universal positive energy’ resulting in all round happiness, health, wealth, and prosperity for the occupants.

         In our next story in the series, we will be discussing about the five elements – the Panchabhutaas.