Unequal Equation

"An equation can never be without balance.
Science ‘knows’ it as illogical; No equivalence.

Vedanta is very clear. A is B, but B is not A.
No, not subsets; Logic has little role to play.

Pot is but clay. Clay is clay, not pot.
Everyone knows it, no one need be taught.

Wave is but water, Water is not about wave.
Everyone knows it. Even the man in the cave.

Ring made of gold. But gold is not that ring.
Everyone knows it. Every pauper, every king.

You are Isvara, but Isvara is not you.
So says Vedanta. Know it to be true.

You that is Isvara is the ashraya, Satya
The other not absolute truth, but Mithya.

Yes, you are the whole, not just a little piece.
Only a few know it. He who can see, sees."

Swami Ganeshaswarupananda did his four-year Vedanta Course under Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati. He currently resides at Arshavidyalaya which is located at the foothills of Marudhamalai. He teaches Vedanta and other texts to interested people through online classes.

His Purvashrama days:
Swami G had done his graduation in engineering from IIT, Delhi and was a silver medalist. He had also done his MBA distinction from Harvard affiliated institute. He had successfully run his own consultancy firms and had been a board member for many companies. He had published more than 27 international papers and had also authored a book titled 'Horns of Dilema'.