Unveiling Heroism: ASI Tukaram Omble's Courage in Thwarting 26/11 Terror Plot

15 years ago on this day, Shri Tukaram Omble demonstrated exemplary courage and selflessness by capturing the LeT terrorist Kasab alive during one of the most deadly 26/11 terror attacks in Mumbai.

An ex-Indian Army soldier who joined the Mumbai Police as an ASI, he approached the car in which Ajmal Kasab was injured and unconscious. Kasab woke up and fired his AK47 in close proximity. The Mumbai Police ASI was no stranger to automatic assault rifles. He held the barrel and pulled it out as bullets were fired into his body. Other officers rushed forward and captured Kasab alive. Other terrorists operating in Mumbai came on open wireless and offered to exchange multiple hostages for Kasab. This was supposed to be a suicide operation.

Thankfully, the Mumbai Police refused.

What many didn't realize at that time was that, if not for ASI Omble, a plan was afoot to blame the 26/11 attacks on Hindus, titled "Saffron Terror." Ajmal Kasab was wearing a Hindu Kalava on his wrist.

They were even ready with a book launch just a few days after 26/11, titled "26/11: An RSS Conspiracy." Even the recent Mangalore auto suicide bomber had a Hindu ID card.

This Islamist phenomenon is called 'Blame the Victim': attack the Kaffirs and blame them for the attack itself, sowing confusion and spreading conspiracy theories.

Without him, the Pakistani terrorists would have been given a clean chit, and the blame would have shifted to "Hindu Terror."

The ASI was awarded the Ashoka Chakra, the highest peacetime military award for bravery.

Shankar Raj is a dedicated researcher with a profound focus on defense and strategic military affairs. With a passion for exploring and analyzing complex subjects, Shankar brings a wealth of knowledge to the realm of military research. 

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