Uriyadi - The Pot Game of Tamilnadu

Yriyadi resembles the game of breaking a pinata and is a classic and very entertaining pastime from Tamil Nadu. However, in this instance, a gorgeously embellished earthen pot is suspended in the air, and individuals are required to smash it with a stick or pole. Participants are blindfolded to make the game more challenging. The ideal pastime for everyone who wants to relive their childhood, even for a short time. Absolutely worth trying out because you never know what might come out of the pot.

This name derives from "uri," a rope-net used to suspend containers filled with milk, butter, and other liquids from a ceiling or roof in ancient Japan (usually in order to safeguard from cats or mice etc.) and "adi" (), which meaning to strike, hit, or beat (with a cane or stick etc.)

It is a well-known and traditional game that is played throughout Tamil Nadu as part of the Pongal festival. The game is enjoyable and funny and is comparable to "Smash a Pinata." It is played in two different ways in cities and even in small towns. It is a video game that follows Kannan's life tale. It is a game for kalaiyar (youth). It's also regarded as a celebration game played on Kannan's birthday.

At a height of 30 to 40 feet above the ground, an earthen pot is suspended from the top. The pot is attractively ornamented and full of water, ghee, food, or gifts. The game's organisers would blindfold the participants and make them stand a distance away from the pot. The participant would be prevented from reaching the hanging pot by the nearby population. However, the blindfolded competitors must still approach the pot and break it with the provided long sticks. The pot will be broken, and the winner will be announced. All of the presents in the broken pot are the winner's to keep.

A group of people can also manage the earthen pot by changing its height when it is tied with a rope, which is more entertaining and interesting. The young males who attempt to break the pot occasionally get coloured water splashed on them by a group of individuals.

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