‘Vrksha Yagna’ – A Move for a Social Cause

Siruthuli is a chief green NGO in the city of Coimbatore. Coimbatore city is nestled in the Western Ghats and can be rightfully called as the ‘ecological capital’ of Tamil Nadu. Over the years, Siruthuli has restored several water bodies and has also cleaned up couple of rivulets associated with the river Noyyal. It has also constructed a new check-dam at Nandangarai. Interestingly Siruthuli has planted 6,50,000 trees in the Coimbatore region. 

To promote tree planting and concern for our environment, Siruthuli has come up with a novel idea to ‘gift a tree’ concept with a difference. Now people can gift a tree in memory of their parents, on occasion of celebrating one’s birthday or that of your beloved ones’, wedding anniversaries or as wedding gifts to people. You can contribute to this Vrksha Yagna by paying a sum of five hundred rupees to Siruthuli. The NGO plants a sapling and looks after it for a period of two years. Apart from that, there is a QR code sealed on the tree certificate. On scanning the code in the certificate, you will be able to see the campus in which the tree is planted. 

Siruthuli becomes the first organization to have come up with QR code-based tree certificate. It is an attempt to combine technology with nature to increase the green cover. It takes care of planting, nurturing and protection of the saplings for two years which is sufficient period for a tree to take care on its own. People are requested to contribute to the social cause by planting trees with Siruthuli. Contributions to this Vrksha yagnam are welcome. 

You can donate by visiting www.siruthuli.com, click on ‘Donate’ option in the website. You’ll be directed to a page where you have to fill in certain details and choose the option ‘Planting Trees’ to proceed to the payment page.

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