Yoga: An Experience

The visage of the young yoga teacher overflowed with cheerfulness and joy. Sahana was introduced to yoga at a very young age by her parents. Although she initially remained passive, Sahana understood its importance with the passage of time. From then, yoga became an inseparable part of her life. The shining young yoga teacher gladly shared her experience & few tips for wellbeing with the Verandah Club.

“My parents are sincere & early practisers of yoga. They share a deep connection with the Isha Yoga Centre (Coimbatore). As a kid, for me, the centre was a scenic, natural spot that I used to go. Though environment was extremely beautiful, I was highly curious to know what the monks were doing inside the temple. I soon found out that they were in their seated postures with eyes closed. My confusion led me to the discovery that they were practising meditation. From then on, even I wanted to practice yoga and thus started my journey with yoga,” stated the charming yoga instructor Sahana.

The yoga teacher pointed that the prerequisite for yoga practice is the right kind of ambience. Sahana added she wanted to reach yoga to maximum people, and that’s when she decided to stay outside the ambit of Ashram. The influence of nature and schooling played a vital part in transforming her life.

Sahana quoted, “Yoga is not about performing complicated postures, it is a state of being. It is a certain way that a person can be. Practising yoga everyday and maintaining an active life is essential. It can transform one’s life. One has to practise continuously for 40 days (One mandala) to eye changes. People used to excitedly mention about the changes that they have met with. What really matters is when you begin to get the feeling that it's working!”

 She opined that we need to experience the posture for what it is. Sahana affirmed Sadguru's words that if one can master one posture then everything in the existence that is worth knowing can be known. She said that she had experienced that oneness at several points in time. Sahana was initiated into the practice of Shambhavi which is a part of inner engineering program of Isha at an early age of 16.

“Once if one has tasted what Hatha Yoga is, then it is not possible for one to let it go. Yoga is a kind of experience that everyone has to feel, and that experience of the moment cannot be relived. Instead of just reminiscing it, one must constantly practice the postures and once again experience that oneness. I’ve been training many people at it for the past 3 years and I teach them not to compare their journey with any others as everyone has a unique experience,” stated the ardent practitioner.

After sharing her opinions on the physical aspect, she sighted few on the mental facet. Sahana stated that the mind’s nature is to keep wavering and thinking about something or the other and it will by all ways try to do that. Instead of trying to stop that we must try to understand that it is the function of the brain and it is okay for the mind to froth with thoughts. She tucked her answer between the sentences that one of the ways to regulate the thoughts is by maintaining a focus on our breath and when one practices this fervently, the voices of the mind get faded away.

Sahana chuckled by saying that mind will anyway think and if the importance is not given to the mind's chatter, they will cease to overpower one.

The instructor expressed her thoughts, “Surya Kriya is the parent practice of Surya Namaskar and everyone must make it a point to learn the aasanas formally from a Guru, as they know the nuances of it. I run a yoga studio, Siddhi Hatha Yoga, also take basic online classes to wellness retreats, and private programs for both Indians and foreigners. In fact, they are more interested than we do. Upayoga (Preparatory steps) is only taught in the online classes. Even just by shutting our eyes, 50% of the sensory engagements are put to stop. I recommend practice of Aumkaara to all age groups.”

Sahana insightfully pointed that Guru is not a person but an experience, one must contemplate upon it to gain clarity.

The youthful practitioner winded up the conversation by pointing few facts that all must know about yoga practice. “Practicing to be conscious when we perform any act is extremely important. Even from the simplest act of chewing food, all should try to be conscious. Only then one can have a complete yogic experience. At Siddhi Hatha Yoga Studio, we have a special program called Clean Plate initiative and we also teach various yogic perspectives to free oneself from the modern-day-origin of anxiety and stress.”

T. R. Surya is the special correspondent of the company. He is an eloquent speaker and compendious writer of English. An avid learner of Sanskrit and Indian scriptures under the guidance of Swami Ganeshaswarupananda and Gita Chaitanya of Arshavidyalaya. His inclination and interests are towards studying Metaphysics and philosophies.