YOU - A poem by Swami Ganeshaswarupananda

Point out to me, what’s the point?

The point is, there IS no point.

And no line, no area, nor volume.

Everything comes from absence

Of dimension. Doesn’t make sense,

Is the world “nothing” in costume?

Now, wait a minute. What now?

There is no Now. Hey, Wow!

And no minute, hour, day or year

There is no ‘when’

Nor now and, then.

No past long gone, or future near?

What? No ‘where’, no ‘when’

Who, who am I, then?

And where am I, in this AD.

I feel solid -- to touch, to taste

I exist, I am not waste,

Now sad, now happy, now greedy.

Solid is but form in the world

What is name, is but a word.

There is only one thing true

All else is dependent,

Like a gold chain or pendant.

True is only one -- that is YOU.

Swami Ganeshaswarupananda did his four-year Vedanta Course under Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati. He currently resides in Arshavidyalaya, which is located in the foothills of Marudhamalai. He teaches Vedanta and other texts to interested people through online classes. He has done his graduation in engineering from IIT, Delhi and was a silver medalist. He had also done his MBA distinction from Harvard affiliated institute. He had successfully run his own consultancy firms and had been a board member for many companies. He had published over 27 international papers and had also authored a book titled 'Horns of Dilema'.