“Baking People Happy” - The Whisk It! Homepreneur, Amrita Sharma

Cake-craving has always been with men, ever since it was introduced in the country. There are also many orthodox Hindus who fail to savour it because of the mixture of egg contents, which forms the fundamental ingredient in baking a cake. Yet, they did not nix from the delicious creamy combo. Although, in the course of time, the art of baking cakes without the use of yolk was brought in, even the expert bakers found it backbreaking to make such a one.

Meanwhile, when there had been difficulty in bringing variations to the egg-less variety, the young homepreneur innovated techniques through which she bakes egg-less, Signature Choco Truffle cake, Ferrero Rocher Cake, Red Velvet Cake, Nutella Cupcakes, and beaucoup varieties of theme-based cakes, wedding specials, birthday cakes etc., at home. One of the names which seemed interesting was the Top-notch Butterscotch. Along with the cakes, it seems, the founder of Whisk It! coins the interesting names with the support of her family members.

Amrita Sharma had done her schooling from Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan (B. V. B.) and Vidya Niketan. Further, she pursued bachelor's degree in commerce and later completed diploma in interior designing. She lives along with her family, Ajay, Madhu & Aditya Sharma at R. S. Puram, Coimbatore. It seems even her grandparents, who live along with the family, are highly encouraging and supportive of Amrita's activity to bake people happy.

The now popular homepreneur, Amrita Sharma, reminisced about how she began her journey of making pure vegetarian cakes. “15 years ago, cake-making was a rare thing and unheard of. But it used to be one of my favourite pastimes. I began baking cookies with a pressure cooker and that indeed was my first achievement. I, then, tried brownies and they remain the best-seller till date. I honestly tell that it was only through constant practice I excelled in this art. The difference that made my baking unique is the way I make cakes without the use of yolk. I even refrain from using colours, but I use the best of them at the request of my clients. I also bake fashionable cakes with natural roses, edible designs, and miniatures.”

While she has achieved success even as a youngster, it is interesting to note that Amrita is a self-taught baker. She had learnt baking out of her curiosity by attending workshops and other vocational programs related to the field. One can clearly notice that how she managed to pursue her passion and how it has turned to aid her livelihood. Currently, she enjoys her profession as a baker thoroughly and has got customers all over the city.

One of the significant characteristics which has earned laurels to Amrita Sharma is that the perfection in every touch at her work. Her mother, Madhu Sharma, particularly exclaims about this part. “Amrita just adds quality to her work while keeping the health aspect in mind. When she works on an order, she is so engrossed that she works all through the day to project perfection in her work. She is keen about customer-satisfaction. She gets butterflies in her stomach, only on witnessing smiles on her customers’ faces.”

Amrita prepares cakes and brownies of different varieties. They include Fresh Fruit Gateaux; cheesecakes such as Biscoff & Blueberry and other variations, Signature Chocolate Truffle Cake, the most popular among her customers; varieties of cupcakes, among which Nutella is famous; Cupcake Monograms; and many more. Double Chocolate Granola, which has a shelf-life of four weeks, is her latest healthy baked snacks ready for sale.

Even though Amrita got placed in a good company during her college years, she had sacrificed it only to continue with her passion. Professors who had taught her also had encouraged her to pursue her talent and horn her skills. On her friends’ encouragement, she had started an Instagram page in the name of “Whisk It!” And thus, she had kicked off her business by baking birthday cakes. Quite a few times, the homepreneur had also supplied her make to the shop, Put Kadalai, in Racecourse, Coimbatore.

Amrita said, “I focus more at improving my work, and others are only secondary. I try to do my work with excellence. For me, squares must be squares, circles must be circles, which I form on the cake with utmost care. So, I take orders from clients with sufficient time for my preparations. I generally work on a pre-order basis.”

While she informally started baking in 2018, the venture became formal in June 2020. Amrita currently knows all ingredients needed for preparing her recipes by-heart. She said that she could recite all the recipes even when one wakes her in the mid-night. She was not sure if baking was a traditional trait that had been passed down to her. But she is convinced about her deep interest towards preparing cakes.

There need not be any assumption that the youngster was all successful without tasting failures. But her attitude of accepting the failures made her climb to the window of success. She affirmed a statement, “Just do it and do it with your full heart. This line aids me to focus more on my work.” Her parents too support her by keeping her motivated.

“I plan the designs according to the need of my clients in my mind, before executing the work. After the process is complete, I take the photos myself. By Ishvarakripa and practice, the quantity of ingredients I use come in right proportion while baking a cake. The recipes I prepare are usually not over sweetened which helps everyone relish it more,” Amrita stated cheerfully.

Since her childhood, Amrita is an ardent devotee of Lord Hanumaan. She chants ‘Hanumaan Chalisa’ almost every day. She wishes to expand her business and bring in more smiles in the city. It is amazing to see a youngster possessing virtues such as focus, commitment in work, perfection, bhakthi, tendency to accept failures, and resilience. May Lord Hanumaan’s grace be with her throughout her endeavour.

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T. R. Surya is the special correspondent of the company. He is an eloquent speaker and compendious writer of English. An avid learner of Sanskrit and Indian scriptures under the guidance of Swami Ganeshaswarupananda and Gita Chaitanya of Arshavidyalaya. His inclination and interests are towards studying Metaphysics and philosophies.

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