The Bharatveer – Veeraraghavan Sampath

The Soulful Teacher

Veeraraghavan begins his day by 3:30 AM. He readies himself and begins to prepare for the day ahead. The Satvik kitchen buzzes with activity. Naivedyam is made, offered to Lord Narayana, packed in a container and placed in the self-contained Quanto belonging to the family. Veeraraghavan Sampath goes with his programme to a village. Yes, he spends a day per village in order to spread the good word about Sanatana Dharma. He engages himself with school going kids. Veeraraghavan regales them with stories from the epics. He has activities and games for them. His car is full of material. It carries a mike, speakers, a board, books, stationary required for activities and teaching tools. His vehicle is a mobile school.

The youngster is just 33 years of age and offers his best to the kids. Veeraraghavan carries Hanuman masks, and he works on themes based on the Hindu calendar. Come Sri Rama Navami and Veeraraghavan focuses on Lord Rama. He distributes books on Rama and the games are on the life of the noble son of Dasaratha. Well, even the other activities which include drawing, painting etc., are based on this incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He has worked on about 70 books thus far. These books are used by him in the villages. His wife helps him with the Naivedyam and the rest of his family are extremely cooperative.

"I am grateful to my parents, Sampath and Uma. My mentor cum brother-in-law, Venkatakrishnan helped me to pursue my education in UK and in USA. I did my master's in technology management at Texas State University and worked for some years. However, I was keen to do something for our culture and tradition. Therefore, I returned after putting in 5 years of work in the USA. I am grateful to my mentor for letting me to pursue my liking," stated Veeraraghavan, the techie turned Dharma Pracharak.

Veeraraghavan runs a cow rehabilitation center. Injured cows are attended to and given back to the farmers. Veterinarians and volunteers help him in this activity. He retains the cows which may not be able to help the farmer. The committed youngster has 30 such cows in his center and his team has treated more than 150 of them thus far. Veeraraghavan is very clear about his work. He makes sure that it is only the non-yielding cows which are retained in the center.

The family are descendants of Kongilachan and Kongil Piratti. They belong to the Erode area. Veeraraghavan is married and the couple are blessed with 2 kids. He has been showcasing Sanatana Dharma to village kids for the past three and a half years. The ambassador of Hinduism has covered numerous villages till date and wants to do a lot more. The English online urban audience are his clients for the books and the revenues are used to teach the rural kids. His initiative is under the name, http://www.pracharam.in

Books like 'The Final Destination of Jada Bharata', 'Kheera Chora Gopinath', 'The Story of Sri Sri Radha Raman', 'The Abduction for a Happy Ending', 'Bhishma' etc., are among his many books. Pracharam is found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. "I am grateful because my wife supports me, and my parents have accepted my predicament. We offer packages and schemes at the time of festivals. Lots of creativity goes into our work. There is a need to work in the villages. All the intellectuals have left the villages and there is a vacuum. We have to fill up the space thus created. It is a very big task and we have considered this to be our top priority. I am ready to work more and wish to scale up. The kids need many more pracharak teachers like me and I am ready to train people. They can contact me anytime in this regard," added the goal-oriented emissary of Bhartiya tradition.

Veeraraghavan began by moving about on a two-wheeler and then by bus. His activities began to increase exponentially and therefore a car became a necessity. The AYODHYA kit is quite interesting. AYODHYA expands into Ayurveda Organic Daily Hygiene Accessories. The kit shipment started from 5/8/2020 - The Ram Mandir Bhoomi Pooja Day. Pracharam is the doorway to Dharma in the world of today and therefore it is most friendly to the user. The site is aesthetically designed, and people are welcome to donate.

Jaderi village is famous for its Namakkati. The villagers specialize in grinding rock to clay for a religious use. This transformation takes a few weeks. Veeraraghavan Sampath is working with the people of Jaderi. They had a B2B (Business to Business) model and now Veeraraghavan is helping them with a B2C (Business to Customer) model. This will be of great help to the people of Jaderi.

Veeraraghavan is excellent with thematic activities. The kids love his programmes. They follow him up to his vehicle after every programme. "I get tears in my eyes while leaving each village. The kids are so nice. They seem to want more of my company and work. The kids are keen to assimilate more. I do not have enough time, for I have to move from one place to another," stated the thoughtful go getter.

The youngster is readying himself further with a lot more. He is ready to dedicate all his time to further the cause. Nathamuni of Kulathupudur near Pollachi appreciates his missionary zeal. "Veeraraghavan is an amazing leader. He is a rare commodity. We should support and enable others to emulate him."

Veeraraghavan was equally appreciative of Nathamuni, "Sir is great soul. He does a lot of work silently. I am happy to be associated with this elderly statesman," Nathamuni is in the process of constructing about 50 toilets for the poor at Kulathupudur through 'Vikasatharangini'. The organization functions under the leadership of His Holiness Srimad Paramahamsa Yathiyadhi Tridandi Chinna Sriman Narayana Ramanuja Jeeyar. The efforts fructified due to the good work of Shyamala Varadarajan of Southern Textiles in Coimbatore.

Veeraraghavan Sampath can be contacted at 9655219245.

This Dharmic Leader is here to serve. The work of Veeraraghavan Sampath is the need of the hour. The world of today is digitally connected, and business is taking place with the speed of thought. Human beings are leading a hurried life. Little time is available for introspection or enquiry. The next generation is therefore unable to harvest the various aspects of Bharatiya Dharma. It is high time that we begin to work in the interest of both - our Dharma and the next generation. This is possible through hard work, persistence, abstinence and sacrifice. The work of this gentleman epitomizes all this and more.

A good beginning has been made and the activities of Veeraraghavan are helping in the creative propagation of our culture. Let us salute this visionary Bharat Veer.


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