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Woodcarver Swaminathan - The Craftsman from the Village of Craftsmen

Woodcarver Swaminathan is very proud of his village Arumbavoor (Perambaloor district). This village has been the home to numerous...

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Bharatanatyam - The Fifth Veda in the Modern Era

Mrudula Rai, A Teacher with Traditional and Modern OutlookBharatanatyam is the result of twining essential order and inconceivable...

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Jainism in Kongunadu

The Jain religion is known as the 'Samana Madham' in the Tamil speaking parts of the country. Tamil Nadu had a flourishing Jain pe...

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Cool Beats of the Mridhangam Artist – K. Parthasaarathy

K. Parthasaarathy is a professional musician & composer who has worked with some of the great musicians and top Bharatanatyam danc...

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The Three Faces of Mind

Mind does show her three faces -Sometimes Rajas running wild, Sometimes Tamas with dark despair, Sometimes Sattva with sweet...

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